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Top International Shows With Formidable Leading Ladies

The best international shows can be streamed in Hindi on Watcho. If you are looking to watch the top web series from different parts of the globe on your smartphone screen and TV set, then this app from the house of Dish TV DTH is here to keep you occupied over prolonged periods of time. Watch the best international web series online on Watcho and keep your entertainment levels on an all-time high.

Get the Watcho One OTT platform subscription in India and get ready to enjoy several OTT platforms on your smartphone screens. If you are looking to explore the best South Korean, Bulgarian, and Spanish shows on your smartphone with strong female characters, then Watcho is the right app for you to download.

Here are some of the top Indian series with strong female characters that you will get to stream on Watcho Right Now:

Mother (K-Drama)

Mother is one of the best suspense-thriller and drama shows on the Watcho app. A female teacher is forced to think of various ways to protect a student of hers, a young girl, when she finds out that the young girl is tortured at home by her parents. Surprisingly, she goes out of her way to kidnap the girl in order to become her mother (in order to save the young girl from her abusive parents.  Watch this web series online right now. It contains 37 episodes, all dubbed in Hindi.

Lieutenant International Show)

Lieutenant is the story of a young but sturdy woman who gets through an elite training program dealing with the defence forces. She is the first woman to clear this elite and brutal training program. However, she is looked down upon (inferior) by her teammates and colleagues for one simple reason, i.e. she is a woman. However, she keeps moving forward despite all the problems, hiccups and frowns. Watch this international show in Hindi (dubbed) on Watcho. There are 48 episodes that you would get to stream in Hindi once you start streaming this South American show on your smartphone.

Welcome 2 Life (K-Drama)

Welcome 2 Life’ is the story of a young lawyer who gets teleported to a parallel world after an accident. He is corrupt and does every single thing in his power to save the corrupt and the dishonest. However, he is forced to mend his ways after being teleported to the parallel dimension. Once there, he is forced to work as an upright prosecutor. Will he be able to cope up with this sudden change of character? Well, watch this web series online right now to find the answer for yourself.

Watcho is one of the most loved OTT platform subscriptions in India.  If you are looking to enjoy an all-in-one OTT platform subscription, then Watcho One is the right pick for you. The master pack of Watcho One is available at INR 299 only. It will provide you with access to the likes of Epic, Zee5, Hotstar, Watcho, etc.

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