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Contemporary Design Philosophy for a Commercial Space for Rent

Modern commercial workspaces are quite different as compared to traditional workspaces. A workspace that readily reflects the vision and mission of your company. Aesthetics are best combined with comfort and convenience for the modern office space. A well-designed office increases productivity, collaboration, and wellbeing in the workplace. Check out these contemporary design ideas for your […]

Commercial Office Space

How to Incorporate Sustainable Practices a Part of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Every organization these days conduct some sort of sustainability project as a part of corporate social responsibility. Recycling products are a great way to minimize wastage, protect our environment, and reduce deforestation. Some studies done by independent research groups reveal that office waste globally amounts to billions of dollars. It is also a cost-effective measure […]

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Why Regional Content is Popular than Generic Content on OTT Platforms?

India is a land of diverse cultures and tongues. Every state has its own unique culture and way of life. Just like Indians love their regional food items, they also love entertainment in regional languages. Entertainment mediums are widely leveraging this opportunity to grow their audience base. Online streaming apps have seen significant growth in […]