Lakanto Monk fruit Sweetener

How to Cut Down on Your Daily Calorie Intake?

Cutting down on your calorie intake is important if you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All those who want to get back in shape will have to bring down their daily calorie intake. However, bringing down your overall calorie intake happens to be a job easier said than done when you have an incredible […]


Why is Monk Fruit Sweeter Than Sugar?

Monk fruit is way sweeter than sugar because of the presence of mogrosides. These anti-oxidants are known to provide the monk fruit with its unique taste and sweetness. Also, it is important to note that not all monk fruit sweeteners are natural. There are several monk fruit sweeteners that are counterfeit. Do not go for […]


Why Use Monk Fruit Sweetener Instead of Sugar?

Monk fruit is known for its unique sweetness. All those who wish to try out something far sweeter and richer than sugar can give monk fruit a try. The fact is: monk fruit is a better option than your regular bag of sugar. For one thing, monk fruit sweetener is 100-150 times sweeter than regular […]