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Top 5 Cities to Book Your Commercial Office Space for Rent in 2021

Special Economic Zones are getting special attention in India owing to the subsidies and other benefits. New start-ups are looking for commercial office spaces in SEZs in India. Check out these cities Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai for commercial office space for rent. These cities have better potential for business and commerce. The Government […]

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How Smart Assistants Can Change Your Interaction with Devices?

Use of smart devices has enabled us to stay connected to each other. Innovations in the field of smart technology and artificial intelligence is inspiring. Almost all smart devices created in the modern times respond to human commands. This artificial intelligence is created by scientists with cognitive learning and problem-solving. AI has already made its […]

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Environment-Focused CSR Initiatives for MSE Organizations

Every organization should actively participate in corporate social responsibility targeted towards the environment. Our environment is greatly polluted and experiences some critical challenges. The major environmental issues in our world now are: Ocean pollution Air pollution Plastic pollution Climate change Corporates can make a big impact by protecting our environment and preserving local biodiversity. Organizations […]