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Trending Comedy Series for an Ideal Weekend Binge

Good laughter can often act as a cure occasionally. Amid all the pandemic news, it is a good idea to take a break and enjoy a good comedy movie or sitcom.

The 80s and 90s were the eras of sitcoms and TV shows that are still enjoyed by many. If you want to watch a funny comedy series, download the Watcho app today. This OTT app is the one-stop app for all your entertainment needs. This app offers the best web series across all genres like comedy, thriller, drama, and romance.

Looking for some weekend binge on the best comedy series? Check out these TV shows and series:


This superhit TV series broadcasted ten seasons back-to-back. It was so popular back in the 90s and early 20s, that we almost remember the characters of Joey, Rachael, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, and Chandler. This American TV series was first aired on NBC in the early 90s. Friends received many awards throughout its run, becoming one of the most popular television shows of all time.


A comedy series showcasing a combination of Dil, Dosti, and Masti. Six crazy best friends meet up to relive their hilarious life episodes while giving birth to new ones. There’s a hidden agenda to get huge amounts of money from one of the friends. You can also watch TV channels on the Watcho app. Simply download the app on your smartphone and start watching live TV.

Small Wonder

This hilarious sitcom is great family entertainment. The plot of this TV series revolves around a robot being kept a secret by its developer. Vicky the robot tries to adjust to life with humans. This is a great show to watch with small kids. This show is often broadcasted on star networks.

Full House

This is a comedy series from the early 90s, suitable for family entertainment. It features a family with kids and their uncles. It’s a fun show that is known for its witty dialogues and catchphrases. The best part of this series is witnessing the actors growing and maturing in life. This is one of my favourite TV shows.

Two and a Half Men

This funny comedy showcases a young boy stuck at his uncle’s place with his father. These two men along with a young boy are hilarious in their everyday affairs. The occasional appearance of a dramatic grandmother and a creepy neighbour, Rose makes these show even more fun. This series was extremely popular and was broadcasted on Star Network.

Just Kidding

This show is created by Disney. It showcases young kids staging hilarious pranks in certain situations. This funny family comedy is full of witty nuances of children comedy. This show will certainly change your perspective on comedy.

Fuller House

Fuller House is a Netflix exclusive sequel to the much-loved family sitcom Full House from the 90s. Full house showcased 8 successful seasons. You can also catch all the old episodes of Full House on Netflix. It is full of laughter and humour with all the kids grown up now with their own families. The old characters are introduced in a new light in this show.

Enjoy watching these shows with your family and friends over the weekend.

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