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Spending a Day at Home with Watcho is so Much Fun

The Watcho app is loaded with several interesting offerings that will keep the viewers busy throughout the day. All those who possess impeccable taste for Indian shows, movies and original plays, etc., can give the Watcho app a try. If the motive is to watch only Indian web shows in various languages, then Watcho is the right choice for you.

As soon as the viewers enter this app, they will be able to find some of the top Indian web series in Hindi. The app is loaded with a wide range of Indian video content for viewers across various age groups. If you have a taste for newer web shows, then go for the Watcho app without thinking much.

Here is how you can enjoy a holiday from the comfort of your home with Watcho:

Check Out Your Horoscope in the Morning

‘Astrobites with Swati Kumar’ is one of the top astrology and horoscope shows on the app. This video segment is all you need to watch if you believe in horoscopes. Also, the show is a must-watch for all those who want to make their day better and fruitful. Swati Kumar, a noted astrologist, is here to bring a set of tried and tested remedies for the viewers to watch and take note of. Watch ‘Astrobites’ on the Watcho app.

Watch Celebrity Interviews

Watcho brings a set of celebrity interviews for the audience to watch and explore. Enjoy the biggest Bollywood stars in action and watch them as they talk about their lives and shooting experiences. Explore this app and get ready to enjoy a set of real-life experiences as part of this show. There are other web shows in Hindi as well that the viewers will enjoy watching on the app. Watch the best Indian shows in Hindi (and various other languages) to have a great time with your friends and family.

Watch Music Videos on the go

Several fresh and brand-new indie music videos can be streamed on the Watcho app. Underground Music League is here to entertain the viewers. So, this means all of the music lovers in India would definitely enjoy using Watcho. This app provides some of the top (and budding) musicians and vocalists with an opportunity to showcase their talent on the big stage. Plus, the app also contains a vast catalogue of Indian music channels, such as 9XM and MTV Beats. All those who wish to listen to nothing but music can download this app right now.

Watch Short Films

Short films happen to be a striking feature of the Watcho app. There are several short films in Hindi that the viewers will enjoy watching on this Indian OTT platform. All those who have a taste for shorter and crispier pieces of video content can give this Watcho’s short films a try. There are short films across a wide set of genres, right from comedy to romance and everything in between, for the viewers to check out and explore. Download the app right now and start watching the top shows on your smartphone right away.

Additionally, the viewers can watch live TV channels on the app and keep yourself entertainment anywhere and everywhere. This OTT/live TV app is all the viewers would need to watch the best Indian live TV channels, such as &Pictures and MTV Beats.

The Watcho app is loaded with several surprises for the viewers to check out from the comfort of their home. Try out the active services if you want to explore the top premium channels on the app without spending heavily on acquiring subscriptions.

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