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Best Indian & International Thriller Shows on Watcho

The best shows are all available on the Watcho app for you to try out and look forward to. If you are looking to explore the true beauty of Indian and international shows, then do give the Watcho app a try. This OTT platform is known for its focus on youth-centric content. The younger segments within the audience. There is absolutely no dearth of entertaining content for the viewers to watch on the Watcho app. Watch Hindi TV series online for free on this app.

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Prison Playbook

Prison Playbook’ is one of the top K-dramas that deals with the misadventures of a young baseball player from South Korea. He is all set to join the Boston Red Sox in the US (as an overseas player). However, in a cruel twist of fate, he is sent to prison for saving his sister from a sexual assault. The Lieutenant in prison happens to be the guy’s friend. Our dear protagonist starts to build his life from scratch once he is sent to prison. Watch this K-drama in Hindi on Watcho and get ready to be inspired. Also, do check out the OTT subscription package offered by Watcho One.


Traicion’ is a Spanish web series about a loving and caring father who happens to be dying of a terminal illness. He invites all of his sons (and their wives) to a family reunion in order to break this news. Once there, all of his sons start holding discussions about the father’s will. Soon enough, the father is found murdered in his room. Who killed the dying man, and why? Will anybody be able to find the culprit. Watch the first season of ‘Traicion’ in Hindi on the Watcho app to find the answer for yourself.

Children of a Lesser God

Children of a Lesser God’ is a popular TV show from South Korea wherein several members of a community are murdered under mysterious circumstances. Soon enough, an investigation is launched and 2 detectives join forces in order to unearth the mystery. They are both fighting a few demons of their own as they try and solve this mystery. A large corporate entity seems to behind this conspiracy. Will both of our heroes be able to bring the corporate house to justice. Watch ‘Children of a Lesser God’ in Hindi on the Watcho app to find out. Moreover, do watch Hindi TV series online for free on this app.


Wajah’ is a 5-part thriller series that talks about the disappearance of a young woman.She happens to be a model. She was in touch with the Mehra family, a powerful name in the world of fashion, before she disappeared. A female cop is assigned to the case. She is required to find the girl and nab the culprits. Watch Hindi TV series online for free on Watcho and get ready to have the best time of your life at home right away.

Watcho is among the top apps for you if you wish to watch Hindi TV series online for free. If you have a liking for live TV apps, even then this app is the ideal pick for you. You will be able to watch the best channels on your smartphone in HD with this live TV/OTT app.

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