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Best Entertainment Services on Dish TV

Dish TV is well known for the various ‘Active’ services that it has in store for the viewers. All of the viewers and subscribers who want to explore the very best of Hindi and regional entertainment. All those who have a taste for regional and international cinema can give Dish TV’s premium entertainment services a try. Almost all of the subscribers will enjoy it when they subscribe to this premium service by Dish TV DTH.

As far as ‘Active’ services are concerned, these are preferred because of the presence of numerous entertainment options and alternatives. All those who want to get more out of their TV sets can go ahead with this DTH service.

Hits Active

Hits Active’ is one of the top movie-oriented services in the country for Dish TV DTH users. ‘Hits Active’ lets you watch a wide range of movies from down south. This one is a premium service that brings you regional and international movies dubbed in Hindi. This means the viewers can now watch all of the movies of their choice in Hindi. All of the movie lovers out there would enjoy watching this top-notch service. This service can be availed at just Rs. 1.3/day. This means the viewers won’t have to break the bank in order to acquire this service.

Music Active

Music Active’ can be availed by the audience if they have a taste for music. This premium service is available at just INR 1.3/day. This service will let the viewers stream as many as 20 audio channels. So, you can say that those who wish to listen to fresh music from composers in Bollywood (and from other independent music producers), then this channel is exactly what you need. This exciting service will keep all of the music lovers busy and occupied. Do also try out ‘SongDew TV, which is an ad-free service that can be used to listen to top-notch music.

Dance Active

‘Dance Active’ is yet another service that the viewers can look forward to if you are fond of learning dance from professionals. This service brings you the best channels for learning dance. This channel is known for its ad-free service and can be availed at just INR 1.3/day. Remember to try this premium channel out if you love new dance shows. There are special programs that are telecasted during the festive season on this premium channel. Get a Dish TV DTH service and remember to try out this channel right away.

Korean Drama Active

Korean Drama service is yet another popular service that can be availed at just Rs. 1.3 a day. All of the popular Korean Drama shows can now be watched in Hindi. This means you will be able to watch the best international Asian shows in your own language. All those who are fond of watching South Korean dramas can give this very popular premium service by Dish TV DTH a try right now. There are several shows for you to try out by the viewers on Dish TV’s Active services.

Other Active services include SongDew TV, Comedy Active, Thriller Active, etc. This means there is ample content up for grabs with Dish TV DTH. So, it can be said that the time is ripe for the viewers to warm up to Dish TV’s Active Services.

Dish TV DTH is here to bring you the best entertainment services as part of Dish TV’s channel packs. All those who want to explore the next level of TV entertainment can go for this DTH service. Watch anything you like (in full HD) with this service.

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