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Enjoy These Short Films on Watcho to Enjoy a Great Time

Short films are loved by just about everybody. All those who have a taste for shorter and hard-hitting pieces of content can start watching a bunch of exciting and relevant short films. The idea is to provide the audience with something that can be watched within a few minutes. There are several OTT platforms that can be downloaded by the viewers if they wish to watch something fresh and short.

The Watcho app is here to provide the audience with vast scores of ‘Indian’ entertainment. All those who have a taste for original short films and web shows can get the Watcho app downloaded right now. So, you can say that there is a lot of exciting content that can be streamed on the OTT platforms available in the country.

Here are some of the top short films the viewers can watch on the Watcho app:

Jolly 1995

‘Jolly 1995’ is one of the best short films available on Watcho. This short film will take the viewers back in time (to 1995). It was a time when things were simpler. Also, finding true love wasn’t as difficult back then as it is now. Jolly, our dear protagonist, sees his life falling apart when his parents decide to get divorced. They seem to have lost all of their love for each other. However, Jolly, a school-going chap, ends up finding true love in an unlikely place. Watch this short and sweet piece of cinema on Watcho if you wish to travel back in time.

Coming Soon

This short film will be enjoyed by those who want to watch something high on thrill and horror. A writer decides to make his way to a mansion in the woods that is believed to be ‘haunted’. A set of strange occurrences start making their presence felt as soon as he makes his way to the mansion. This original short film is one of Watcho’s best offerings within the horror-thriller genre. All those who have taste for the shows and/or movies dealing with the supernatural can give ‘Coming Soon’ a try.


Safarnama’ kick starts when an Uber driver encounters a murderer. A lady calls him after she books her Uber taxi for a ride. She has a huge suitcase next to her. The cab driver thinks that the bag is filled with money and tries to run away with it. However, he is unable to run as his bladder is bursting. This short film on the Watcho app is all that the viewers would need to quench their thirst for suspense-thriller shows. Start watching this original short film right away and you will be able to watch it within 5 minutes.

Issi Baat Ka Darr Hai

‘Issi Baat Ka Darr Hai’ is a popular short film that deals with how the society discriminates with those who come from marginalized backgrounds. A young boy dreams of becoming a pilot, and is fully supported in all his endevours by his father. However, the world around them does not seem to share their vision. Watch ‘Issi Baat Ka Darr Hai’ on the Watcho app and get ready to enjoy a great day.

Other popular short films available for streaming on the Watcho app are ‘Bhau’, ‘Hide Your Maal Well’, and ‘Can I Give You a Lift’. Watch them all whenever you get time.

Download the Watcho app and explore the world of Indian entertainment. If you are fond of Indian web shows and original short films, then do not forget to give this app a try. It is one of the best OTT apps in India.

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