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Latest Web Series to Watch on Watcho in September 2022

The Watcho app is a handy OTT platform for you if you are planning to stay entertained and excited over prolonged periods of time. All those who wish to enjoy and explore the best web series, music videos, original plays, and live TV channels on their smartphone during their leisure time can get this app downloaded right now. This app is here to bring you some of the best original pieces of video content. Check them out right now.

Youngsters will also have quite a few Watcho originals to tune into when they start streaming through the app. The viewers who are fond of theatre productions will also find several Watcho plays to watch on this popular OTT app. Use it to keep yourself entertained in the long run.

Here are some of the latest web series available for streaming on Watcho:

Tara Bhaiyya Zindabad

Tara Bhaiyya Zindabad’ is a very exciting show on Watcho, wherein an aged man (in his 60s) wants to retain his pradhani. However, he cannot contest the elections because the govt makes it illegal for people with more than 2 children to contest the village elections. Will Tara Bhaiyya be able to retain his glory and power? Watch the first season of ‘Tara Bhaiyya Zindabad’ and get ready to explore and enjoy the comic side of population control (pun intended).

When I Was The Most Beautiful (K-Drama)

When I Was the Most Beautiful’ is one of the best shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. This Korean Drama presents the story of a young man who happens to be in love with a woman. However, the woman gets married to the protagonist’s brother. So, our dear protagonist hides all of his feelings for the girl he loves. Interestingly, all of the romantic feelings begin to return as the girl’s husband (the protagonist’s brother) disappears without a trace. Watch the first season of ‘When I Was The Most Beautiful’ to come to terms with the chaotic side of love. It is one of the latest web series available for streaming on the app. Do rate this show on IMDB after you’ve watched it.

Goblin: The Lonely And Great God

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’ is one of the best fantasy-drama shows available for streaming on Watcho. A celebrated general is given death sentence by his own people for fighting a deadly battle. However, God has other plans and turns him into a goblin. He is tasked with protecting the people who are living miserable lives. He is also required to find the bride who will set him free. Watch this latest web series on Watcho in Hindi and get ready to have a great time at home.

Lips Don’t Lie

Lips Don’t Lie’ is an anthology series that talks of the various stages of love and relationships. You can be single and you can still be obsessed with someone. ‘Lips Don’t Lie’ is an upcoming web series that will soon be available for streaming on Watcho. Add it to your watch list right now if you want to watch a riveting romantic-drama show on your smartphone.

Download the Watcho app and get ready to explore the best Indian and South Korean shows. K-drama lovers would be glad to know that all of the k-dramas available for streaming on this platform are Hindi dubbed. Watch all of the top Indian web shows on your smartphone and get ready to have a great time from the comfort of your home (or even while you are travelling). Numerous Watcho plays are also available for streaming on this platform.

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