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5 Family-Friendly Entertaining Movies to Watch This June

No better time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones than with your family. If you have little children let them enjoy these movies while you are doing household chores.

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Beauty and the Beast

This movie features the story of princess Belle and the beast. Your children will enjoy watching the beautiful princess featured in this movie. Enjoy the melodious songs like “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast.” This movie is based on a children’s fairytale storybook written by a French novelist.

Toy Story

Most children have an emotional attachment to their toys. You can watch the toys come to life when humans are not around. The toys talk amongst themselves when the people are not around. The toys do not give away to someone else on Andy’s birthday. Andy does not want to give away his old toys as he is nostalgic about them. His parents try to convince him that he needs to give his old toys to the poor kids and share them with them. Enjoy this movie on a family movie night. For the best DTH offers, check for the Dish TV online recharge on their app

Home Alone

A family goes on a vacation, the young boy gets left at home. They realize later that the boy is at home while they were away. The young boy guards his home when his family is away. In the next sequel, the young boy lands in New York. His family boards another plane to a different destination. When he lands in New York, he walks around the town and explores the city, and finds out that his family was somewhere else. He checked himself into the Plaza Hotel in New York City. He used his father’s credit card to check into the hotel and tell them that his father will join later. He orders a lavish buffet and watches TV in his room. His parents track him through credit card transactions in New York. Eventually, they go to New York and find their son.

Free Willy

Watch the movie based on a true story of a captive orca named Keiko. Watch how the captive Orca, Willy, is released into the Icelandic seas by a group of social activists. The school children raise enough money through a fundraiser to release Willy by being airlifted.

Finding Nemo

Watch this animated movie based on the story of a colorful clownfish. Watch the orange clownfish swimming through the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Nemo, the clownfish, explores the ocean and makes friends with other fishes that are around. Marlin, his father keeps a close watch on him after losing his wife in a Baracuda attack.

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