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Learn Home-Cooking with these Cooking Shows During Quarantine

Asian cuisine is full of flavour and often easy to cook. With almost the entire world in quarantine, everyone is learning to cook. Ingredients are limited and so are trips to the grocery store. Another reason why Asian food is widely popular is that it can be cooked with fresh, simple and seasonal ingredients. If you want to learn the basics of cooking pan-Asia food while at home, check out these cooking shows:

Kylie Kwong: My China

Join the Maestro of Asian cooking Kylie Kwong on a journey to China. Follow her along as she ventures into the quaintest little villages cooking authentic and traditional Chinese food. This travelogue takes you across Toishan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and many more cities in China. Check her assemble a simple bowl of noodles with local ingredients. This show generally features on Fox TV.

Look I can Cook with Shipra Khanna

Watch this popular web series with Masterchef Shipra Khanna Masterchef India on Watcho. It has released one season with over 15 episodes. Check recipes like chicken coconut curry, mushroom cheese toast, lemon rice, and many more. You can also stream another version of this series is also hosted by Chef Ripu Daman.

Poh’s kitchen

Poh Ling Yeow signed a book deal and a TV cooking series with ABC. In this travelogue, Poh travels to various Australian states, Thailand, Singapore to shoot the series. Most of the recipes cooked by Poh are Asian-inspired dishes. She is also a runner up of Masterchef Australia 2009. Her style of cooking is easy, quick, and flavorful.


This Korean cooking show is guaranteed to teach you everything regarding flavorsome Korean food. This Youtube channel has a subscriber base of over 2 million followers. It is all about cooking, eating and enjoying Korean food with friends and family.


This Youtube show is based out of South Korea. Honeykki’s channel has over 1 million subscribers. Learn to cook easy Korean food, dessert, and beverages. Get to cook dishes like bibimbap, gochujang sauce, seaweed dishes and much more.

Simply Nigella

This show is hosted by famous home chef Nigella Lawson. Though it is not a completely Asian show, it has many Chinese and Asian inspired dishes. Think Teriyaki chicken, Chinese Chicken curry and much more. If you are looking for quick and easy recipes, check the Simply Nigella series.

These cooking shows will equip you the basics of home cooking Asian food with simple ingredients.

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