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3 Family-Friendly Movies to Watch on Dish TV Connection

Summer is a great season to enjoy quality time with your family. Afternoons can seem very long and be an ideal time to watch movies at home.

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Mr. Bean’s Holiday 

If you have watched the Mr. Bean series, you will be eager to watch this movie. Mr. Bean goes on a holiday to Paris. He asks a man on the platform to take photos and videos of him, and the train suddenly starts. The man is left behind on the platform while his son gets on the train. On the way to Paris, Mr. Bean tries to entertain this boy whose father is left behind. Mr. Bean orders a seafood platter at a French restaurant. Mr. Bean can’t read the French menu, so the server comes to help him. He ends up ordering a huge seafood platter with oysters and shrimp. Mr. Bean looks surprised at the raw oysters and jumbo shrimps and does not want to eat them. He drops the rest of the Oysters in the bag of another diner. He tries to eat the jumbo raw shrimps. The diner shouts in surprise as she finds raw oysters in her bag. Browse for the Dish TV recharge plan on their website.

Home Alone 

This classic holiday movie makes for a good family movie to watch. The first movie showcases the story of a young boy who gets left at home while his family goes on a vacation. The family members realize later that their boy is at home. The courageous boy as guards their house and even helps his neighbor. The second sequel tells a similar story where the boy ends up going to a different city. He boards a plane and goes to New York. His family goes to a different destination and realizes later that their son is not with them. The boy uses his father’s credit card and checks himself in the Plaza Hotel in New York. To continue with Dish TV services, check for the latest Dish TV recharge plan.

Free Willy

This movie is based on the true story of Keiko, a captive Orca whale. This whale was captured from Iceland and trained for entertainment in SeaWorld across USA and Mexico. Keiko started developing illnesses being confined in the small sea aquarium. The authorities planned to release it back to the oceans. The school children organized a fundraiser to help release Keiko in Iceland. Watch the adventures of Willy on Dish TV channels.

You can enjoy these movies in 5X better picture quality and 5.1 surround sound with a DishNXT HD connection.

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