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How Does Automation Leverage Customer Satisfaction and Convenience?

Customer satisfaction has been the undisputed buzzword in the world of customer service and satisfaction for quite some time now. All those who have been in the business of customer service for quite a while would be aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is all about providing the customer with the best possible experience when he places a call at the call centre in order to get a query/problem sorted.

Automation, in all fairness, has been able to breathe life into the customer service sector. Business Process Outsourcers from all parts of the world of the world have been embracing automation. All those who want to reduce the turnaround time for getting back to the customers and callers need to embrace automation. Automation will help enhance customer experience.

Here is how automation can help create customer satisfaction:

Automation can Help Reduce Redundant Tasks

There are several redundant tasks that a BPO call centre executive has to undertake on an everyday basis. Take this for an example: organizing complaint tickets is an irksome task. This task can be made simpler by automating the ticket numbers. The details can also be stored inside a computer. You can always revisit the ticket details if need be. Several business process outsourcers are warming up to this practice in order to make things simpler and quicker for the BPO executives.

Automation Would Give Rise to Quicker Customer Solutions

Customer service has become easier ever since the advent of social media. Today, most new-age buyers and customers get in touch with the company executives on social media platforms, such as the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There are official social media handles. The idea is to give rise to a personalised form of communication that is informal in nature. Also, a person can voice can voice his concern without any problem on social media. Since there is no fear of judgement, one can always get in touch with the company executives on social media without the fear of being judged. Being able to speak freely without the fear of judgement will help give rise to a fruitful customer experience.

You Can Have the Right Man at the Right Place for the Right Job

Having the right man for the right query or problem would become easy if you have an automated query collection mechanism in place. Take this for an example: all those who have a certain set of technical queries regarding a product can shoot a message tagging the technical team. In this way, the technical (or IT oriented) department will be able to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Channelising Things in a Better Way:

Yes. Channelising things becomes simpler when you have a set of automated systems in place. Here is an example: All of the caller’s history related to replacements and queries can be revisited with ease if there are automated systems in place. This will allow the BPO call centre executives to explore the best ways to get in touch with the customers and masses. Here is an example; if a query has reached an executive through Facebook, then it is highly likely that the BPO call centre executive will also respond to the query through social media only.

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