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Which Movie-Watching Services are Offered by Dish TV DTH?

Watching movies happens to be a favoured pastime for just about everybody. Be it children, young adults or aged people, everybody loves watching movies. Fortunately, Dish TV is the perfect pick for you if you are looking to watch the best movies in HD on your TV sets this summer.

There are several movie-oriented ‘Active’ services that the viewers will get to watch on their TV sets with Dish TV DTH. This service is a must-have for all those who want to explore the beauty of Indian television.

Hits Active

‘Hits Active’ is a great HD movies service that lets you watch the best South Indian movies and more on your TV sets. The finest movies from down south are available for streaming on Dish TV DTH. ‘Hits Active’ lets you stream the best Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam movies on your TV sets in Hindi. Yes, all the movies available for streaming with this ‘Active’ service are dubbed in Hindi. That means you will be able to watch the best action movies starring Yash, Nani, Mohanlal and Surya on your TV screens with ease.  Get a Dish TV DTH connection right now to watch all of these movies. Get it for just INR 1.43/day.

Movies Active

‘Movies Active’ is yet another popular movie service that you can avail if you have a taste for classic Bollywood movies. The best movies from Bollywood are available for streaming on the ‘Movies Active’ service. The price of this movie service is just INR 1.98. It’s an ad-free service that lets you stream the best blockbuster movies. There is a Sunday Movie Marathon that you will get to tune into if you like watching new and exciting movies from Bollywood.

Watch Movie Channels in HD

Watch the best movie channels in HD picture quality and get ready to have a great time at home. There are several channels that you can stream if you have a Dish TV connection at your disposal. This means you can always watch your favourite channels with ease on your TV sets. Watch the best channels on your TV sets and keep yourselves entertained. There is a lot of stuff for you to watch on this OTT platform. There are single channels as well that the viewers can go for if they do not want to go for the entire channel pack. Just select the channel that you wish to watch and add it to your watch list. You can pay for it using a wide set of payment mediums, such as mwallets and credit/debit cards.

Get your Dish TV DTH recharge done right now if you want to enjoy a good time at home. This DTH connection is the only thing that you will need to keep yourself busy and entertained. You can go for this service and start watching your favourite movies right at this moment. Also, there are several other ‘Active’ services for you to check out with Dish TV DTH.

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