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New Korean Shows on Watcho for Your Weekend Binge-List

Korean shows have become everybody’s darling in recent times. All those who have a taste for Asian shows should make it a point to add the various exciting (and new) Korean shows to their watch list. There is absolutely no dearth of new shows for the viewers to tune into on the Watcho app. All of the Korean dramas available for streaming on Watcho have been dubbed in Hindi. You can watch these K-dramas at any given point in time with your family and friends.

Watch the best Korean TV series in Hindi and get ready to explore the best International shows in Hindi on your smartphones. All of the K-dramas available for streaming on Watcho are dubbed in Hindi. Download the Watcho app and get ready to enjoy the best Indian online shows, short films and a lot more on Watcho.

Here are some of the best K-dramas that you can stream over the weekend:

When I Was the Most Beautiful

Watch this Korean TV series in Hindi and get ready to enjoy the best time of your life at home. ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ is a must-watch for you if you like watching comedy-drama shows. There are 32 episodes in the first season of ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’. The protagonist loves a girl, but the girl gets married to the protagonist’s brother. However, things take a turn when the girl’s husband (the protagonist’s brother) goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Watch web series online on Watcho and keep yourself entertained.

Extra-Ordinary You

‘Extra-Ordinary You’ is the story of a young boy and a young girl who both have feelings for each other. However, they get teleported to a world where cartoons and humans co-exist.  Our protagonists want to make their love work in this world, but they cannot do much because they are in the world of cartoons. They will do whatever it takes to give rise to a love story that goes past the obstacles put forth by time and space. Watch all 32 episodes of ‘Extra Ordinary You’ on Watcho if you like watching romantic-fantasy shows.

Welcome 2 Life

‘Welcome 2 Life’  is a great show wherein a corrupt lawyer gets teleported to a world wherein everything is different. He starts to live an entirely new life (as an upright prosecutor). Watch all 32 episodes of ‘Welcome 2 Life’ and get ready to enjoy a riveting fantasy-thriller show. Watch web series online on the Watcho app and get ready to experience unmatched thrill and excitement.

Children of a Lesser God

‘Children of a Lesser God’ is a crime thriller show wherein 2 detectives join forces in order to frame a powerful organization. Also, several members of a community die under mysterious circumstances during a cultural gathering. There is also a serial killer roaming the streets of the city. Our dear protagonists are required to hunt the serial killer down whilst battling their personal demons (and problems). Watch this TV series in Hindi and get ready to stay happy and excited. There are various twists and turns that you will get to explore when you start watching this K-drama on your smartphone.

Watcho is a popular OTT app that is known for its focus on original Indian content. Of late, the app has also been focusing on showcasing Korean dramas on the app (dubbed). There are several live TV channels that the viewers will be able to stream on their smartphones with ease. Check the app out without wasting time.

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