Delicious Australian Dessert Recipes for the Home baker

When we travel around the world, we get to experience cultures, people and good food. Every place has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, wildlife, and much more. Countries like France, Australia are the home of delectable desserts with fresh and local ingredients. You can find delectable pastries and desserts at little cafes and bistros in Paris.

Lamingtons, an iconic Australian dessert is a must-have on your visit to this country. This light and fluffy sponge cake is dipped in chocolate ganache and covered with desiccated coconut. Lamingtons can be in the form of small cuboidal cake or a large birthday cake. Certain variations of lamingtons also contain a layer of jam or cream. Tim Tams is one of the most delicious Australian biscuits. Two chocolate biscuits are sandwiched together in a thin layer of cream. Some favorite Tim Tam flavors are- double chocolate, salted caramel, white chocolate, etc. The classic Pavlova is much loved by Australians and New Zealanders alike. This meringue cake is made with alternating layers of lemon cream and fresh strawberries. A chocolate Pavlova can be created with layers of chocolate cream in between chocolate meringue layers. Chocolate Crackle, a chocolaty rice crispy is an Australian party favorite and a must-have on kids’ birthday celebrations. It is made with coconut oil, cocoa, and Kellogg’s rice bubbles. These chocolate crackles are perfect to carry as snacks for munching on-the-go. Get chocolates from the best chocolate shop in Delhi NCR.

Caramel Slice is a must-have for caramel lovers. The caramel slice became a popular Australian dessert in the 1970s. It has a shortbread base with a layer of buttery caramel topped with a layer of chocolate. Some variations of this dessert are created with a layer of salted caramel. This dessert is best served cold. The classic Anzac biscuits have a rich heritage since the World War 1. The origin of this biscuit can be accredited to Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. It is made with oats, flour, golden syrup, butter, baking soda, and desiccated coconut. These biscuits are a perfect accompaniment to Australian high-tea gatherings.

You can prepare these delicious recipes at home. Apart from Pavlova, these recipes are easy to bake with some effort.

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