Inspiring FYI TV18 Cooking Shows to Channel the Inner Chef in You

If you own a digital TV set top box at home, chances are you’d have watched many cooking shows on TV. Making its mark amidst the bunch of infotainment shows on Indian television is a channel emerging as one of everyone’s favorite – FYI TV18. From home décor to cooking and from relationships to travel; the list of FYI TV18 shows is huge.

Tun into FYI TV18 channel on your HD digital set top box and let the ride of entertainment begin. The cooking shows on FYI TV18 offer a different twist to the regular cooking shows and are extremely entertaining and inspiring.

Here’s our curated list of best FYI TV18 cooking shows that are so inspiring to pick up your chef apron and hat to barge into the kitchen right now:

Man Vs. Child

Now here’s an inspiring cooking show on Indian television that even inspires the kids to take up cooking seriously and professionally. Man Vs. Child is the fiercely competitive cooking series playing on your digital TV set top box that ahs a bunch of young prodigies on one side and a seasoned veteran chef on the other hand together fighting for the winner’s title.

The show is split in three-part cooking challenges where both sides compete against each other and please the judges with their astute cooking skills. The show is extremely inspiring for both adults and kids to don their chef’s hat and apron and barge straight to the kitchen.

Food Porn

The show, as tempting as it sounds, Food Porn is about the many culinary adventures of popular chef and host Michael Chernow where he sets out on a journey to dig up some amazing food wonders across the globe. The show playing on digital TV set top box explores the popular and innovative culinary posts on social media that garnered much love and eyeballs, only to discover them in real while on a food tour.

Food Paradise

Food Paradise, airing on FYI TV18 channel on your HD digital set top box, is a wonderful take on cliché food hunting shows playing on television. The show revolves around the presenter visiting the popular as well as unexplored food joints in America that serve fresh and sumptuous meals. The show is a must-watch for those consistently hunting for great eating spaces in America serving some innovative and delicious meals.

Best Cake Wins

It’s indeed difficult to peek into a child’s imagination and draw the exact image, especially when it comes to baking the perfect cake for a child, that too on his birthday. Sounds exciting? Indeed, it is! America’s top professional bakers battle it out over baking the perfectly beautiful cake for a child based on the random drawing of the same made by the child himself. Packed with impeccable creativity and some nerving scenarios, the show Best Cake Wins is a great cooking show to watch on FYI TV18 playing on your HD digital set top box.

Besides above, there is a long list of inspiring cooking shows playing on FYI TV18 on HD digital set top box but the ones mentioned above are extremely entertaining and packed with innovative ideas to bookmark for your next house party!

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