Rustic Décor Tips for Modern Country Homes

Countryside has the most amazing architectural ideas that are sustainable and unique. A countryside homestay with striking wooden interiors and eye-catching décor looks beautiful. There’s a certain charm of rustic style homes with barns and vineyards. If you visit Tuscany, Italy you will find it is abundant with beautiful surroundings everywhere. Verona in Italy is also dotted by beautiful country style homes and villages. However, you can easily incorporate some elements of nature in your own home too. With the onset of fall, as the leaves burst into brilliant colors, we tend to shift from white and pastels to vibrant shades. Rustic furniture is a great idea to create a cozy and inviting space during this time of the year. Let’s explore some rustic home décor ideas for your home. Some materials to consider are wood, stone, ceramics, and bamboo for decorative pieces and furniture.

Pallet shelves are great to add character to your living room. You can get old pallets cheap at artist shops. Stain them in a wooden color to complement the existing décor. A white wall will be a great background for these shelves. White or neutral color walls are great for a commercial office in Gurgaon. Rustic photo frames are beautiful for old black and white photographs. A handcrafted customized wooden frame will look lovely on the wall or on the side table of your bed. An elegant wine rack made with the rustic wooden palette is a great way to showcase your collection. You can also create a hanging section of wine glasses at the bottom. Twine covered flower vases add a subtle earthy tone to your living space. Just wrap the vase completely with twine and decorate them with some fresh flowers. Various shades of wooden sheets can be plated together into a wooden table to create a stunning coffee table. You can choose the pattern and colors that you want to use. Add a touch of rustic elegance to your living room with this coffee table. Bamboo furniture looks great in the patio or backyard.

Incorporating a stone counter in your kitchen has a countryside charm to it. You can also create a leveled brick wall without plaster to add to the rustic look. Wooden backsplash looks extravagant and it’s a popular trend in many restaurants around the world. It is made by sticking wooden pieces together into the wall. It creates a fantastic backdrop for your living room. Some furnished offices in IT park Gurgaon will have rustically themed interiors. It is a great idea for an office reception area. A wooden clock looks chic in a living room or foyer area. You can easily get a clock kit from any antique or hobby shop. Get a beautiful piece of wooden block, stain it and smooth out the front surface and fix the clock kit on it. Small garden twigs can make up beautiful tea-light candle holders. Just attach the twigs with adhesive and tie a satin pastel ribbon around it. A beautiful wooden log fireplace is great for rustic interiors. It gives the ultimate cozy experience during winters. You can have a marble mantle on top of the fireplace. A mantle is a great way to showcase your family photos.

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