Step-wise Guide on How to Get Started with House Construction in India

Building a new home in India can be extremely tedious and utter confusing with starting from sourcing the land, getting all the necessary documents in place, getting the best cement, and much more to do. It’s a little tricky to first understand the entire process and then overcome the difficulties and hassles to build a new home of your dreams.

Here’s a step-wise guide on how to get started with a new home construction in India:

  1. Get a Designer

The best way to get started with getting a new house constructed is by hiring an architect or contacting a company that provides end-to-end home designing services. Architects are usually experts at knowing and implementing the laws of the land and understanding the guidelines for home construction in the said area by the local authorities. They help design living spaces as per your requirement, work on aesthetics, vastu, and proper sanitation and drainage.

  1. Approval from Government Authorities

Once the plans are secured in place from the architect, next step is to submit them for approval to the local authorities. This differs from location to location and the prevailing laws of the land apply. You need to pay an amount of the area you are constructing for approval. Get approvals on all the plans before construction.

  1. Acquire Quotes for Construction

Once you’re done with receiving drawing approvals from the authorities, procced with contacting construction contractors to get the best quote. Be vigilant about the quotes because even though civil engineering is more of a basic science, the materials, brands & techniques available in the market differ due to which construction cost might vary.

  1. Go for Premium Construction Materials

Amongst the umpteen construction materials brands available in the market, one has to get really wise in selecting the best cement and other materials. Though one of the most hectic tasks, it’s really important because the endurance and foundation of your dream home rests on the choice and quality of materials. When it comes to choosing the best cement, M P Birla cement comes to the mind because of its superior grade quality and ultimate strength that lends great endurance to the homes.

  1. Arrange Water & Electricity

Before a building construction contractor starts mobilising his workforce to get started with house construction, you need to arrange for the temporary provision of water and electricity. Usually it is the responsibility of the plot owner to plan for these.

  1. Provision Site for Construction Material Storage

Construction materials like cement, if it is one of the best cements, can’t be left in the open areas for longer hours as it tends to get damaged. To store the cement and to optimize its strength and quality, make provision for a temporary storage space to store cement and prevent it from exposing to the atmospheric changes. If the house is being constructed in multiple floors, once the ground floor or basement is constructed, cement and other construction material can be stored at the ground floor inside the building.

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