Brilliant Indian Web Series Online from 2019 That Mastered Content

The world of web series online in 2019 once again proved that while singing, dancing, romancing, and people living happily is a great treat to watch, it’s actually the content-driven web series that are a treat to the sore eyes. This year had some of the most amazing Hindi web series online that completely revolutionised the digital scene and carved a niche of their own.

When it comes to some of the best web series online of 2019, it’s actually the content that made headlines and proved that it is the real king. He whole scenario of a seismic shift from small screen and TV sets to digital space blossomed like crazy in the last 2-3 years and all credit goes to some of the best-ever web series apps like Watcho.

Here are some of the best-ever web series online that were purely popular for their content and are a must watch:


This is one of those web series online that took adult comedy series to another level its refreshing content and newer perspective. A 26-year-old guy is ridiculed like anything by his family and friends for being a virgin and on top of all, all his attempts at losing his virginity or gaining some insight into intimate matters fall flat on the face.

Tired and frustrated, he turns to a baba who in turns scares him by saying that if he didn’t lose his virginity till 27, he might remain one for life. Perplexed, he gets married straight away and sits on his bed on his wedding night thinking what might happen next. Watch this amazing and content-driven web series online on Watcho App to know what real fun is.

Family Man

We must give this web series online due credit for the amazing and unique concept it is focussed on. Playing the lead role, Manoj Bajpai leads the dual life of a common Indian family man with a wife and 2 kids who tries hard to maintain a balance between his family responsibilities and the call of the duty. On the other hand, much to everyone’s surprise, he works as a spy to a government agency and keeps living a secret life with even his family being unaware about it. The sheer novelty of the concept is a treat to watch and the interesting duality of the roles is surely a winner.

The Permanent Roommates

This web series online is from the pre-Netflix era in India when there were practically no online web series apps. The Permanent Roommates is one of those first-ever web series that spoke about relationships, dating, live-in, and marriages in a fresher perspective and it instantly hit the audiences at the right spot. This new-age web series online is about a couple, being in a long-distance relationship for 3 years, the girl is taken by surprise by the sudden proposal for marriage.

Confused, she decides to move in with him first to know how it goes before taking the plunge. The tadka to the romantic series added by their friend Mikesh is simply amazing and makes this a must-watch web series.

Delhi Crime

That fateful night of December 16 is still etched in everyone’s minds and memories when a Delhi-based paramedical student was raped inside a moving bus by 6 people and the girl was physically violated up to the extent that she succumbed to her injuries. This was known to the world in fraction of a night and what not many knew were the commendable efforts of Delhi Police investigation team that nabbed all the culprits within 24 hours.

Delhi Crime web series online on Netflix showcased just that and what went inside their minds when they were investigating the accused. This one is a must watch web series on Netflix, one of the best web series apps in India.

These brilliant web series online from 2019 and before once again proved the mettle of content, engaging story, and meaningful storytelling. If you have more to add to the list, keep the comments flowing.

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