Iconic Cartoon Characters in India That Are Every Kid’s Favourite

Cartoons have always been every child’s favourite and watching cartoon shows on TV channels is one of their staple routines. They’re not just a source of entertainment but are also inspiring and motivating in some walks of life too. Cartoon characters end up influencing children so much so that they start adopting the mannerisms and their dialect and vocabulary.

If you have small kids and don’t have a DTH at home, we suggest you go for a DTH installation and let your kids explore this beautiful and charming world of cartoon TV series and cartoon characters.

Here are some of the most iconic and most loved Indian cartoon characters that are every child’s favourite:

Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu are two most popular and loved cartoon characters that explore the thick friendship between two people. Motu is a very friendly character and is a hardcore foodie. He loves to binge on samosas and is always a bigtime troublemaker for everyone. However, Patlu is Motu’s best buddy and even though he can’t read, he always carries a newspaper with him. While Motu end up creating problems, Patlu goes to any extent to solve them and keep their bond alive.

Chota Bheem

Part of an Indian animated cartoon show, Chota Bheem is a fictional cartoon character that lives in the imaginary kingdom of Dholakpur and loves to gorge on ladoos. This character is almost every child’s most favourite cartoon and the show is based on short stories in every episode wherein Chota Bheem daringly and righteously takes his friends and natives out of any problems faced by them to emerge triumphant in the end.

Tom and Jerry

The cult classic animated cartoon characters that are loved by all are Tom and Jerry. While Tom is always after Jerry’s life, it’s their relentless chase to survival that makes it extremely funny and entertaining. However, Tom and Jerry are there in the cartoon world for years now and aren’t just loved by kids but elders alike. The foolish and selfish cat’s chase and the intelligent and clever mouse’s journey to survival is quite endearing to watch.


This one is yet another every child’s favourite ever animated cartoon character. Rudra, is a regular young toddler, but possessing magical powers, living with his grandfather in the magical world of Sun City. The intelligent child learns new magic tips and tricks every day from his grandfather to save his Sun City and its residents from the atrocities of an evil magician. The evil magician and his gang are always up to some trouble or the other to make life difficult to those living in Sn City. Their show ‘Rudra: Boom Chik Chik Boom’ on Nickelodeon TV channel is a huge hit with the kids.

These iconic cartoon characters are what make every child’s childhood all the more special and the TV time to look forward to. The language used by these characters is reasonable and doesn’t use any explicit words to harm the kids’ innocence. Go for a HD DTH installation if you want your child to learn and grow from these cartoon characters.

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