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Which Watcho Originals are the Best for Family Viewing?

Family-oriented shows have been gaining a great deal of popularity on the Watcho app. In all fairness, you will find a lot of shows that are fit for viewing with family when you surf through this OTT/live TV app. Watcho is not just about original web series in Hindi. Well, that is because you get to watch several international shows as well when you go through the catalogue of shows on Watcho.

Do make it a point to check out the Watcho Spotlight segment if you are looking to stream a set of new and exciting shows on the Watcho app. Also, there are several unique and entertaining family shows available for streaming on Watcho. This OTT app is here to keep you entertained and busy throughout the course of the day.

Here are some of the top family shows that you will get to watch on this OTT app:

Papa Ka Scooter

Papa Ka Scooter’ is one of the best family shows on Watcho. The show deals with the beautiful relationship that a boy shares with his family members. A loving father sells his scooter, which is pretty dear to him, in order to raise funds for his son’s education. The son, in order to repay his father for his sacrifices, decides to buy him a brand-new scooter (for his birthday). There are eight episodes that you will get to stream when you start watching the first season of ‘Papa Ka Scooter’.


Traicion’ is a Spanish-thriller show that deals with one of Spain’s most powerful and influential families (fictitious). Julio, a loving father, calls all of his children and asks them to meet him. He tells them about his terminal illness (which will kill him eventually). To everybody’s shock, he is found murdered under mysterious circumstances. ‘Who killed Julio?’ is the million-dollar question. Watch the first season of ‘Traicion’ if you want to watch one of the best Spanish web series in Hindi online. Do remember to rate this web series on IMDB after you have streamed it on Watcho.

Gupta Niwas

Gupta Niwas’ is a great web series for the entire family. If you want to watch a web series that loaded with family values and love, then ‘Gupta Niwas’ is a great show for you to add to your watch list. This show is about an average Indian family that lives together in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh). All members of the Gupta family live together as part of a joint family. They keep quarreling among themselves over petty matters all the time, but tend to stick together whenever a family members finds himself/herself in trouble. Watch this show and remember to rate in on the IMDB app.

Prison Playbook

A talented and gifted baseball player gets an opportunity to represent a Baseball team in the US. He is expected to leave in order to make his debut in a few days’ time. However, he is put in prison when he tries to protect his sister from sexual assault. You can watch ‘Prison Playbook’ and many such K-dramas on your smartphone with Watcho. This show from South Korea was also part of the Watcho Spotlight segment when it first landed for streaming on the Watcho app.

Check out the Watcho app and start streaming all of your favourite web series on this OTT platform right away. Watcho provides you with vast streams of original content to look forward to. If you are a fan of new and exclusive shows, then Watcho is the right entertainment destination for you. Also, do check out the Watcho Spotlight segment to know more about the latest shows on Watcho.

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