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5 Entertaining Hindi Web Series to Tune in This Weekend

While workdays can be hectic, weekends are meant for relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. Take some time off this weekend and watch some entertaining Hindi web series on your smartphone. Download the Watcho app and browse genres like thriller, horror, romance, lifestyle, drama, etc.

Watch Hindi web series, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada web series on the Watcho app. Watch TV shows on live TV channels on the Watcho app. Looking for the best Hindi web series to watch this weekend? Check out these web series.

Jail Plan – Hindi web series on Watcho app

This jailbreak story of two women as they try to escape from a women’s correctional jail in India. This jail features modern amenities and better infrastructure as compared to other traditional jails. The inmates are treated with respect and the major focus is on behavioural correction. Watch this Hindi web series to find out how they escape the prison.

Mystery Dad – Hindi web series on Watcho

After an encounter at a drunken party, this woman gets pregnant. When she forgets the father of the child as she was inebriated with alcohol, she plans to find the identity of the mystery dad. She goes on a journey to find the mystery dad of the child along with her sister.

The Bridge – Hindi web series

When Megat and Serena are appointed to find the murderer of a mysterious case, they are faced with challenging circumstances. A body is found on a bridge between Singapore and Malaysia, it causes shock on both sides. When they conduct a post-mortem, they are surprised to find that the body is of two victims.

PariWar – Hindi web series on Hotstar

A family patriarch plans to unite the family after his death by instituting an interesting riddle. As the family members fight over their share of inheritance of a lucrative property, they are faced with a riddle.

Aarya – thriller web series on Hotstar

Susmita Sen plays the lead role of a mother and wife in this thriller web series. After the death of her husband who was involved in illegal businesses, the mafia conspires to kill her entire family. However, Aarya joins the mafia and stops them from hurting her family.

Watch these best web series on your smartphone this weekend. You can download the best OTT apps like Watcho and Hotstar on your smart device to watch the original web series.

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