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Is ‘Ekaterina’ on Watcho Worth Viewing?

‘Ekaterina’ is one of the top international (Russian) web series that you can stream on the Watcho app in Hindi. This web series has become one of the top offerings for viewers of all age groups. This web series online is known for its honest and flawless portrayal of Catherine, The Great’s life. If you love streaming international shows in Hindi on your smartphone, then here is a web series that you will not be able to ignore.

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Also, here are a few reasons to watch ‘Ekaterina’ on Watcho:

Watch it For Its Intriguing Storyline

Ekaterina’ is known for its iconic and intriguing storyline. If you are willing to watch a show that deals with the life of one of imperial Russia’s greatest ever empresses, then this show is a must-watch for you. All those who have a liking for shows dealing with emperors and empresses can give the first season of ‘Ekaterina’ a try when they get this app downloaded. There are 20 episodes in Hindi available for streaming (as of now) on Watcho.

Marina Aleksandrova’s Performance is a Major Highlight of This Show

Marina Aleksandrova is the star of this historical show, and ends up delivering a power-packed performance. It is her performance that you will enjoy watching when you start streaming this show on Watcho. She acts with skill and finesse, and will leave the viewers spellbound with her on-screen presence and dialogue delivery. This web series online is going to stay with you for a long-long time. There are several other interesting and intriguing characters that you will get to witness during the courser of the show.

There are Several Twists in This Show

There are several unique twists that you will get to witness when you start streaming the show. There are coups being planned in Russia to overthrow the empress (Catherine) just because she is a woman. Well, it is not easy to be a woman in a world dominated by men. Watch the best moments of ‘Ekaterina’ and get ready to enjoy a show full of adventure, thrill. Betrayal and excitement. Check out this OTT platform subscription in India if you are a fan of new and intriguing shows.

There are several twists and sub-plots that you will get to stream on your smartphone once you start streaming this series. There are bloody coups, betrayal, friendship, power struggles and a whole lot more that you will get to tune into when you start watching this show. If you are willing to watch a show that is loaded with excitement and twists, then here is a show that you should add to your watch list without wasting time.

Stream it in Hindi

Yes. This is the best part of tuning into this show on the Watcho app is: it is available for streaming in the Hindi language. This means you will not be required to read the subtitles whilst watching this show. Check out the Watcho One, which is a multiple OTT platform subscription in India, and get ready to enjoy the best time of your life.

Do check out all of the best Indian and international web series online on your smartphone with the Watcho app. If you are looking to watch live TV, even then you can use this app. You will also find an all-in-one OTT platform subscription in India with Watcho One.

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