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‘Traicion’ on Watcho Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Traicion’ on Watcho is a Spanish Drama show that you can watch if you want to watch something family oriented and thrilling. This series is about a family of lawyers. The good thing about this show on the Watcho app is: you will be able to watch this web series in Hindi on the Watcho app. If you are a fan of Spanish TV shows, then this series is the ideal pick for you. Watch this web series in Hindi online and get ready to have a blast at home.

Watch it over the weekend and you will have enough video content on your plate to keep yourself entertained and occupied over prolonged periods of time. This OTT app is the only thing you will need to keep yourself on the edge of your seat. Of late, ‘Traicion’ is a popular Spanish TV show that you will enjoy watching if you love watching TV shows that deal with emotional conflicts.

Here is why ‘Traicion’ on Watcho is the right pick for you:

The Perfect Family Show

‘Traicion’ is the perfect family show. It is about one of the most prominent families in Spain. A loving father (Julio Fuentis) calls for the final family reunion. Once all of his sons are there, he declares that he is suffering from a terminal illness that will kill him (eventually). The entire family is shocked to know the truth. However, there are more shocks in store. The children have a mutual discussion among themselves. Soon enough, they find Julio lying dead (under mysterious circumstances). Fingers are raised and questions are asked. Who killed Julio?

Loaded With Twists, Turns and Shocks

Julio’s children are shocked to know that their father is dying because of a terminal illness. However, things take a drastic (and unexpected) turn when Julio is found murdered. Soon enough, everybody turns into a suspect. Nobody can be trusted because everybody seems to be harbouring a secret. This means the viewers will get to witness a bunch of unexpected twists and turns the moment they tune into the show. Apart from international shows, you will also get to watch several Watcho originals on this OTT /live TV app.

Who is the Murderer?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question. All those who wish to tune into a riveting murder mystery can check out the Watcho app’s latest show (Traicion). A terminally-ill father is murdered before he can disclose more details about his illness. The agreement paper is signed, but there are some forged documents (and accounts) on display. Is there a conspiracy that led to Julio’s murder? Well, you will have to watch the first season of ‘Traicion’ in order to find the answer for yourself. Tune into this web series in Hindi online right now.

It’s a String of Secrets and Lies

Yes. You read that right. ‘Traicion’ is a web of lies and secrets because everybody seems to be hiding a secret. Nobody can be trusted because every member of the family had a selfish motive to kill Julio. So, the murderer could be anyone. Also, there are sinister forces at play that will go to any length in order to hide the reality. Watch this web series in Hindi online on Watcho and get ready to take your adrenaline levels a notch higher.

Download the Watcho app and you will be able to tune into all of the top Watcho originals on your smartphone. This OTT platform will keep you busy throughout the day. If you are a fan of regional, Hindi and international shows, then you should not miss out on the services of this OTT app.

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