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Dish TV and Its Many Services to Keep You Busy and Entertained

Dish TV is always known to provide its customers and subscribers with the best entertainment avenues. There is never a dearth of exciting TV content for the viewers to check out on their TV sets if they have a Dish TV connection at hand.  There are several exciting channels, be it HD or SD, that you will get to stream on your TV set.

Dish TV brings you several services that you will all enjoy streaming on your TV sets if you are looking to keep the rivers of entertainment flowing endlessly. If watching new TV channels is your thing, then try out the various Dish TV DTH packages in India right now.

There are several services and channels that you get with a Dish TV subscription. Check them out right now:

Active Services

The ‘Active’ services offered by Dish TV DTH are the best for you if you want to explore the top premium ( Active) channels on your TV sets in HD picture and sound quality. The good thing is: there are several ‘Active’ services across several genres that you can stream in order to keep your entertainment levels high. Here are the various ‘Active’ services you can avail with Dish TV DTH:

Thrillers Active (for thriller and horror movies)

Dish TV Instant Recharge

Dish TV’s Instant Recharge feature is the best bet for all those who want to get their Dish TV subscription recharged. All you need to do is: enter your Dish TV registered mobile number and you will be able to explore the best pieces of content on your TV sets. Use a wide set of payment methods, right from credit and debit cards to Paytm, in order to pay for your DTH subscription. Recharges can now be done within minutes if you have the MyDish TV app in your smartphone. You can also get this recharge done after checking out the official website of Dish TV DTH.

Dish TV New Channels

The best new channels are available for subscription with Dish TV. Just check out the most popular channel packs that you get to subscribe to with Dish TV DTH. This DTH connection is the ideal choice for you if you want to enjoy music countdowns, movies, TV shows and much more from the comfort of your home (in a cinema-like) atmosphere. You can also try out single channels if you do not wish to buy the entire channel packs. Select all the channels that you need and give rise to a customised channel pack of your own.

Music-Oriented Services

Dish TV’s DTH packages are also known to provide the users with the various music-oriented services that you can check out if you are a fan of independent as well as Bollywood music. The SongDew TV service, for instance, lets you stream the best pieces of independent music on your TV set. This service is available for just INR 1 for the first seven (7) days. After that, you will be charged a nominal amount every month if you wish to continue with this service. Check it out without wasting anymore time.

Get a Dish TV subscription right away and get ready to enjoy the best TV channels in HD on your TV set. There are several TV channels that you will get to explore when you gain access to this service. Check out the Dish TV instant recharge feature right now.

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