4 Vintage Hollywood Action Movies to Watch

Hollywood action thrillers are loved by viewers because of their high-voltage action sequences. If you are fond of edge-of-the-seat action movies, then Hollywood has a few exciting films for you. Furthermore, you can try out a few action-comedies if you wish to watch something lighthearted yet packed with action. Fans of the genre will be glad to know that that there isn’t a dearth of movies in this genre as filmmakers in Hollywood are known for producing and directing some memorable big-banner action flicks.

If you are fond of action movies, then get your Wi-Fi TV set top box installed and/or recharged as soon as you can.  Here is a small list of vintage Hollywood action movies you need to watch right away:

True Lies:

True Lies is considered one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finest works till date. The movie stars him as an intelligence agent who embarks on a journey to catch a dreaded terrorist who plans to smuggle nuclear warheads into the country.  The film is noted for Arnold’s action-packed performance and top-notch comic timing. Also, if you happen to be a fan of James Cameron’s direction, then True Lies just has to be there on your watch list this summer. Get your Dish TV set top box with Wi-Fi and enjoy this movie on TV in full HD and surround sound with your family and friends.

Hard Target

Jean Claude Van Damme stars are a goon for hire in this action-packed thriller.  If you love watching movies depicting bloodbaths and brutal killings, then this action flick is the perfect pick for you. If you happen to be a fan of the Belgian martial artist/ actor’s stunts, then Hard Target will keep you hooked. Also, the movie is known for Van Damme’s strong show in front of the camera as his killer looks will leave you spellbound.


This movie is another one of the many action movies starring Van Damme and is noted for its elaborate depiction of martial arts on screen. If fist fights happen to be your thing, then do give this action flick a try. Also, the movie is believed to have led to the popularity of martial arts tournaments around the globe long before MMA tournaments made inroads into the lives of people. If you’re a guy wanting to have a good time with family this summer, then get your Dish TV set top box with Wi-Fi to enjoy this action-extravaganza on TV in full HD.

Many of these movies were produced and directed during the late 80s and the early 90s but are enjoyed and loved by the fans of the action genre till date.

Get your Dish Wi-Fi TV set top box recharged and start binge-watching all of these movies like never before. You also get a chance to order the movies of your choice with Dish TV. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dish TV  packages right away.

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