Top Baking Shows to Watch with Your Little Baker this Summer

A popular saying goes “necessity is the mother of all invention.” Many of us are watching a lot of cooking and baking shows these days to learn the necessary skills. Baking is quite an art for amateurs and pros alike. If you have children at home who are enthusiastic about baking, you can involve them in baking with you.

This is a great time to tune into some baking shows with your kids. Check out these shows that are often broadcasted on TV channels like TLC, Fox TV, Chanel 4, BBC Good Food, etc. You can subscribe to these channels on Dish TV DTH connection. Watch these shows in high-definition with DishNXT HD set-top box. You can check the DTH price and package details of the channels on the Dish TV website. Check out these Chefs to learn baking as a beginner:

Martha Stewart

Chef’s Christmas series takes an insider look at how some chefs celebrate Christmas. Catch famous Australian chefs like Curtis Stone, Jeremy Strode, Skye Gyngell, Giovanni Pilu, Martha Stewart and others. Learn how to cook exotic recipes like passionfruit parfait, tropical fruit pavlova, Tiramisu, etc. Watch the legendary Martha Stewart bake signature recipes with fresh, and local ingredients.

Every home baker loves the legendary Martha Stewart. If you are learning how to bake, you must tune in to this show. This show is an audience favourite and currently premiering the 11th season on PBS. From mouth-watering pies to delicious cookies to scrumptious cakes, Martha shows you the art of home-style baking. Learn her signature recipes like Raspberry Mascarpone Tart, Pavlova with berries & cream, Profiteroles, Greek butter cookies, biscotti, classic flan, strawberry shortcake, apple fritters, etc.

Rachael Khoo 

Little Paris Kitchen by Rachael Khoo was first aired on BBC Good Food. The host chef Rachel Khoo cooks a variety of French bakery recipes. She is trained as a patisserie chef and a cookbook author.

The show has over six episodes spanning for one season. Shot in her apartment in Paris, this show is all about simple homestyle baking with easily available ingredients. She cooks recipes like savoury teacakes, raspberry & lemon curd madeleines, French-style quiches, and other scrumptious desserts. French people are known for their baking skills. If you want to learn to bake the perfect croissants and baguettes, it is recommended to watch this show.

Nigella Lawson

Watch the domestic maestro of home cooking and baking, Nigella Lawson prepare some drool-worthy treats right from her kitchen. Her cooking shows teach homestyle cooking with moreish ingredients. This show has a few episodes showcasing the beauty of cooking for the festive season. Watch the ‘queen of home cooking’ whip up scrumptious desserts for any season. Learn tips on how to get your home smelling like Christmas. Learn to bake the best mince pies, cocoa fruit cake, pudding truffles, etc.

These shows will help you and your children to learn the basics of baking as a beginner. You can bake along with your kids while watching these shows.

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