Heartwarming Hindi Movies to Help You Get Over Breakups Sooner

Heartbreaks – just typing the word breaks my heart but one has to deal with it and eventually move on with the life. There are days of isolation alone in the room, crying your lungs out all through the night and basically staying away from everything that reminds of the person you’ve been with.

But the scenario has changed now. Instead of spending days and nights alone in the room, people are now slogging off their butts partying hard in the disc with their friends, throwing break-up parties, and getting on to Tinder the very moment.

Here are to some fun Hindi movies to watch on your DTH connection with your friends after the break up that will help you deal with your agony way too sooner. In case you don’t have a DTH, it’s recommended you get one comparing the digital TV offers.

Here are some movies to help you get over breakups and failed relationship sooner:


This cult Hindi movie is a winner in every aspect. Richa Chadha plays a small-town girl from Banaras whose love life goes for a toss when her boyfriend ends his life. Dealing with the remorse over his death, she struggles hard to gather the broken pieces of her life and move on. During the course of life, she manages to find positivity and decides to get ahead by studying further. The movie had two parallel stories where the other end had Vicky Kaushal too dealing with the loss of love of her life. Their paths intertwined at the end leading to a new beginning towards a horizon.

Check for all DTH recharge plans to find yourself the best movie channels and watch this movie to know how to get ahead in life post breakups.

Jab We Met

Cut to the scene where Geet tells Aditya to burn his girlfriend’s picture and flush her out of his life. The idea might seem creepy at first but it eventually does make you feel good. Aditya aka Shahid Kapoor tried running away from life when his girlfriend dumped him only to find Geet in the process who ends up becoming the sole true love of his life.

While on the other hand, later in the film, Geet deals with her breakup by calling up his guy and hurling abuses at him about dumping her. Wow, that’s one hell of a vent out, isn’t it! Watch this fabulous movie on your DTH connection right away.


Queen aka Rani aka Kangana Ranaut ventures out on her honeymoon to Paris, all alone, after being ditched at the altar by his fiancée. Dealing with the heartbreak and the pain inside, she treads on to discover Paris, makes thick friends for life, finds back her lost self-confidence, and ends up getting a fresh perspective on life and herself. Watch Queen on your DTH connection with your gang of girls and keep a box of tissues nearby.

Love Aaj Kal

Okay, now here’s to a millennial couple who get practical in life and breakup before shifting to countries apart. Knowing that long distance relationships don’t work and it’s logical to part ways before moving apart, they decide and do it in a rather non-melodramatic way and throw a breakup party with their friends to celebrate their relationship and the memories. That’s a beautiful concept and the movie does touch the right chord at most of the points. Watch it on your DTH connection and know for yourself.

Dear Zindagi

Alia Bhatt, playing a successful cinematographer in the movie, is ditched by her boyfriend for another girl. Devastated, she turns to a therapist and seeks comfort in the company of her friends who are more like her family and her family who become more like her friends. While in the process, she falls for her therapist but is being realized that she needs to find her inner self and give herself chance to find more people before jumping on for the first one that shows her affection. Catch this beautiful movie on your DTH connection and learn a thing or two.

Heartbreak or no heartbreak; these beautiful Hindi movies are an actual breather in the realm of best romantic Hindi movies. Catch these on your DTH connection after comparing all DTH recharge plans or ask for movie-on-demand.

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