Must-try Delectable Treats to Try While Visiting Austria

Austria is a beautiful country to add on your travel bucket list. A country with a rich cultural heritage, music, art, and delectable cuisine. Austria has a culture of cafes that serve amazing pastries and coffee. Gathering at café during the evening is a popular activity in Vienna. Check out these desserts that you must check out on your next trip to Austria:


This legendary slice of cake was first created by Franz Sacher in the year 1832 in Vienna. This delicious cake is created with layers of chocolate cake with alternating layers of apricot jam. You can get the original Sachertorte with an edible chocolate seal at Hotel Sacher, Wien. The authentic Sachertorte is one of the most famous cakes in the world. If you like chocolate cake, order cake online from Choko la.

Apple Strudel

The apple strudel is one of the most classic and delicious desserts that originates in the heart of Vienna. This scrumptious flaky pastry is available in most of the cafes in Austria. This strudel is best served warm with a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream. What makes this pastry unique and utterly impeccable is the crunchy and flaky pastry on the top with apples and cinnamon filling!


This Viennese delicacy was created accidentally while preparing a pancake. This shredded style pancake is traditionally served with plum sauce. It is a breakfast staple in the modern cafes and bistros of Vienna. It is best enjoyed warm with a cup of steaming coffee.


The carnival doughnut is an authentic Viennese dessert. This doughnut is filled with apricot jam and dusted with icing sugar. This delicious doughnut has an amazing light and fluffy texture.


This delicious Viennese pastry is more than just a usual Bundt cake.  It has a beautiful layer of overlapping marble pattern created with vanilla and chocolate. This cake originated in Germany and is simple to bake. Order delectable pastries, cakes, chocolates, and bread from Choko la, a chocolate shop near me. They offer some of the most amazing and delectable chocolates in town.

Mohr im Hemd

This cake is an authentic Viennese dessert. It is in the shape of a small Bundt cake and traditionally served with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This cake has an illustrious history. It was created as an inspiration to Verdi’s Otello performed in the Vienna’s Opera House. It is a popular treat in all coffeehouses across Vienna.

Esterhazy Torte

This torte was named after the diplomat Anton Esterhazy. This cream cake was originally created in by confectioners in Budapest. It has alternating layers of smooth buttercream amidst sponge layers. It is covered with a white sugar glaze, brittle, candied fruits, and chocolate. It has become one of the most delicious and favorite desserts of Austria.

Yeast Dumplings

These sweet dumplings are a delicious Viennese dessert. It is filled with plum butter and served with a sprinkling of poppy seed and powdered sugar. This fluffy dough is created with a mix of dry yeast. This popular Austrian delicacy dates to the 17th century.

Make the most of your trip by trying out these delectable treats along with a cup of your favourite coffee.

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