The True Aroma of the Genuine Basmati

The true Basmati is loved all over the globe because of its rich flavour and mesmerising aroma. Now, not every Basmati is a 100% genuine Basmati as there are a lot of vendors out there that sell ‘cheap’ Basmati. If you happen to be a regular consumer of Basmati rice, then handpicking the genuine Basmati isn’t going to be a major problem. Those who consume Basmati rice quite regularly will be well aware of the taste of the true Basmati. The richness of taste is what distinguishes the genuine Basmati from the one that is fake.

‘Which is the best Basmati rice in India?’ If you ask yourself this question, then do note that there are countless Indian brands of Basmati rice. Choosing your favourite brand can turn out to be quite a daunting task if you have countless brands at your disposal to choose from. Not every Basmati is the best Basmati, but you can keep all of the misunderstandings and fraudulent practices at bay by following these steps:

It’s All in the Colour

Colour happens to be an important factor while choosing the best Basmati. Now, different people will give different descriptions of the colour of the true Basmati. Therefore, selecting the right Basmati can turn out to be quite an overwhelming affair. However, you can make your life easier by noting down that the genuine Basmati is always translucent. In simple words, look for the rice that are creamy white in colour.

Flavour is Important as Well

After the colour, comes the flavour of the true Basmati. Now, the genuine Basmati always goes well with gravies and curries because it has a dry texture that separates the rice from the curry. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the best Basmati is tailor-made for preparing Indian and several middle-Eastern delicacies. Saffron and curry leaves can also be added to it in order to enhance the clor and the flavour.

Length and Aroma are Just as Important

If you are searching for the best Basmati rice in India, then please note that the distinct aroma of the Basmati has made it the undisputed king of the rice market in India. It gives out a largely buttery aroma once it is unpacked. In scientific terms, a compound named 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline is responsible for the rich fragrance of the Basmati. Usually, this element is found in all types and kinds of rice, but its concentration happens to be at least a dozen times more in the Basmati than in any other variety.

Also, a variety of rice falling under the Basmati variety has a length of at least 6.61 to 7.5 mm.

You too, just as many others, can enjoy the best Basmati in India with Daawat Basmati rice. Its thin, tender and long grains are just about perfect in terms of size, shape and texture. Also, its rich taste will stay with you for a considerable amount of time.

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