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5 Hand-picked Luxury Home Décor Stuff Online from Craft Beton

Concrete Art – A Blazing Luxury Home Décor Trend

There’s nothing better to do up your living room than an artistic piece that just never goes out of trend. For all those with an elite taste and looking for luxury home décor online in India, Craft Beton is the name to reckon. Their selection of concrete home décor pieces, accent pieces, accent lighting, and concrete furniture has sparked a unique trend with more and more home décor enthusiasts turning towards concrete furniture.

Here’s our curated list of 5 handpicked, must-have luxury home décor stuff online in India by Craft Beton to amplify your décor game:

  1. Giza Cement Coffee Table

This concrete coffee table by Craft Beton is sure to spark some interesting conversations over coffee and much more. The spectacular cement coffee table bears metallic legs in a criss-cross pattern and bear a concrete table top sporting the effect of a pyramid, hence the name ‘Giza’.

Get this concrete coffee table and make sure your guests are never bored of looking at this concrete marvel.

  1. Moiselle Concrete Women Handbag

Now who would’ve thought of a handbag made of concrete making a style statement! Here’s to much more cement beauty than ever! Craft Beton’s luxury home décor online in India includes a modern approach to all things fashion. The Moiselle cement handbag for women is designed to be flexible and add a beauteous mark to modern women’s approach to life.

Get this for your lunch outings with friends, at work, or just keep it on the mantelpiece in your living room to cast a style statement.

  1. Chorus Concrete Brush Holder

Craft Beton is unbeatable when it comes to buying luxury home décor online in India and Chorus Concrete Brush Holder is a living proof of that. This cement-made brush holder is just what you need to start your mornings on a cheery note to set the tone right for the day ahead.

The concrete brush holder can be bought together along with concrete soap dispenser to cast an impression on your guests and visitors.

  1. Dune Concrete Accent Lighting

Sand dunes are a majestic and intriguing image that pique a lot of curiosity while still sending the calm vibes too. Here’s to a similar concrete accent lighting from Craft Beton that is shaped like a sand dune and can be fixed on the wall.

The spectacular accent light creates a warm and natural ambience of a moonlit desert in your bedroom or living room and looks breath taking. If you’re in for some luxury home décor stuff online in India, scour through Craft Beton site and surely, you’ll find some really enigmatic products.

  1. Dali Melting Concrete Clock

Dali Melting Clock by Craft Beton is there to remind you that it’s about time to you get yourself an inspiring home makeover that brings out the best in you and is yet easy and sustainable on nature. Dali melting clock is crafted out of hardened concrete and carved with roman numerals with a functional machinery. Admiring glances guaranteed!

Craft Beton is the premium online marketplace for all designer and concrete made luxury home décor stuff online in India. Their lineage of furniture, home accent pieces, lighting, and lifestyle products are warm enough to create an inviting look while still being sustainable and easy on trees.

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