Many Types of Religion

India- a country of diversity; where people are diverse in almost every respect, be it caste, religion, socio-economic status, etc., you will find immense variety here. Religion is a common household term, that basically draws the attention towards the belief of people in God or a positive energy that helps them sustain in this world of tyranny. Apart from the religion that exist in our very own country, there are various religions on the global level. Though, all the religions have the same preaching of brotherhood, love, etc., there are different ways in which people of different religion undertake their religious beliefs.

The following segment uncloaks the various religions of the world and the belief that binds the religious community together.

  • Christianity- This Abrahamic religion has the maximum number of followers in the world. The religion talks about the God, Jesus Christ and deals with the holy spirit. The main beliefs of the religion encompass the Resurrection, the Holy Trinity, the Immaculate Conception and the Afterlife. Though, these beliefs are debatable but, the followers strongly hold on to the base of their religion. Cross designates the religious sign of Christianity.
  • Buddhism- This religion basically focuses on teaching the dharma, or the truth about things in nature. Worshipping God is not the concept of this religion. People who follow this religion head on the path of Siddhartha Gautama, who left his luxurious life in order to enlighten people about the truth of the world. This religion actually originated from India.
  • Islam- Belief in the holy Allah is about the Islam religion. Islam has been interpreted in variety of forms throughout the world. ‘Allah’ means submission to God. The five pillars of Islam are the fundamental set of rules that a Muslim(or a follower of Islam) believes in. Muslims believe in angels and regard Muhammad as the most recent Prophet.
  • Hinduism- Hinduism doesn’t follow only one set doctrine or teaching pattern. More than half of the Indian population claims to be Hindu. Hindus recognize one God, the Brahma. Different types of Hindus worship different Gods. Being the 3rd largest religion of the world, Hinduism involves worship of innumerable Gods and Goddesses. Every person who follows the religion can have many points of differences with other Hinduism follower but, some points are common for all the people abiding by the religion.
  • Judaism- Jews believe that they are the chosen people of God and God will guide them throughout their life span. Abraham and Moses are considered as the founder of the religion. People following this religion are engrossed in praying and learning about their customs for a considerable amount of time.
  • Atheism- Where almost every religion believes in the existence of God, Atheism stands with the firm belief that God, deities and spiritual beings do not exist. The existence of Atheism is based on the fact that there aren’t enough evidences to prove the presence of the holy God. These people feel that they don’t need to rely on any kind of holy book or teachings to conclude what is right and what is wrong.
  • Jainism- Another positive approach to religion is Jainism. Jainism focuses on living a harmless life in order to achieve ecstasy. It is also known as the ‘self-help’ religion. Jainism believes in respecting all the beings, be it plants, animals or humans. They live for the welfare of mankind and the universe.
  • Shinto- It is an ancient Japanese religion based on spiritual beings called kami. It focuses on enhancing human communication with kami through various religious practices. This religion is exclusively found only in Japan.
  • Bahai- One of the youngest major religions of the world, Bahai grew out of Islam. The religion has a very strong faith on the progressive revelation. According to Bahai, every religion that exists is valid and they worship one God in a variety of ways. 

There are many other regional religions that are only found in the concerned place and has no other follower outside that specific region. Every religion believes in the same positive energy that is attained from following their own religious rituals. Welfare of mankind and humanitarian feeling are some important points made by almost all the religions in the world.

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