Telecommunication Towers in India

Telecommunication towers are typically tall structures designed to sustain antennas for broadcasting or transmission of information such as sound, images, videos over a great distance in the form of electromagnetic signals.

The scope of telecommunication tower is very vast, they are used in various sectors such as mobile, television, navigation, internet and radio.

Types of Telecom towers

  • Lattice towers: these towers are specifically used in sectors which require mounting large number of dish antennas and panels. They are also used as electricity transmission towers, observation towers or radio towers.
  • Guyed towers: these are aciculate steel structures and range from lightweight to heavyweight depending on the job profile. Their purpose is to provide utmost efficiency, versatility and effortless installation. They are supported by levels of stranded steel guy cables that anchor to the ground.
  • Monopole towers: they are the most popular type of telecom tower in the market. Monopole towers are specialized in working in tedious environment with limited space, extreme weather conditions. Their structure consists of a single pole that has tubular section formed.
  • Mobile cell towers: they are also known as tower in wheels because of their easy portability, they are very discreet and versatile in nature and are often used in emergency for temporary use.

Other commonly used telecommunication towers are

  • Rooftop Telecommunication Tower
    •Ground Base Telecommunication Tower
    •Triangular Telecommunication Tower
    •Square Telecommunication Tower
    •Tubular Telecommunication Tower
    •Angular Telecommunication Tower 

Telecom tower companies in India

Due to the rapid growth of telecom business it has become an integral part in the economic structure of our country, because of which many business have started investing in telecom towers, it has great return on investment and palpable business opportunity.

As of now there are 13 recognized telecom tower companies in India.

Indus tower being the leading telecom tower company in India has around 80,000 number of towers in the country. It is a joint venture of Vodafone, Bharti Airtel and Idea.

Here Is the list of all the 13-telecom tower company India and the number of towers they have

INDUS 80,000
Reliance Infratel 31,000
Bharti Infratel 20,000
Quippo Telecom Infrastructure


GTL 9,000
Essar Telecom 6,000
American Tower Corp 4,000
Tower Vision 3,000
Aster Infrastructure 1,000
India Telecom Infra Limited 1,000
KEC International 400
Independent Mobile Infrastructure 400


Procedure of Telecom Tower Installation

  • The requirement of a telecom tower is decided by the respective company.

This decision is based on the Radio Frequency Analysis (RFA) done by the company.

  • They determine the location where the tower should be stationed and then approach the owner of the property for permission.
  • Highest building in the locality is generally preferred for tower installation, because RFA is better at heights.
  • After the consent of the owner there are a few legal permissions and documentations are required.
  • Structural safety certificate: this certificate is mostly required when towers are stationed on a public building or schools and hospitals.
  • Consent from authority: consent of municipality or the respective authority is required for the procedure.
  • Indemnity bond: this bond is for taking care of any loss of life or property done by the tower.

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