How Indoor/Outdoor Sports Area Boosts Employee Productivity

Factors affecting Employee Productivity

‘All work and no play make John a dull boy.’

Well, not in the world of kids and rhymes but this saying also holds true in the real corporate world where employees tirelessly slog off most hours of their day working. It is understandable that countless hours of working everyday with no recreation and play breaks can lead to a monotonous lifestyle.

Which is why, more and more office spaces and commercial properties in Noida sector 62, Gurgaon, and other metro cities are resorting to indoor/outdoor sports area inside the building premises. Not just this boosts employee productivity but also destresses them and refuels their energy levels.

Let’s have a look at how indoor/outdoor sports area benefits employers and employees by increasing their productivity levels:

Sports Area Fuels Productivity

Sitting for longer hours amidst piles of deadlines, meetings, and presentations is sure to take a toll on anyone’s productivity. Having a sports area inside office makes sure that employees can go loosen up when bogged down with work and refuel their productivity.

A short sport break surely declutters the head and make them ready for the workload ahead with a productive mindset. Indoor games like carom, billiards, table tennis, virtual golf, and more are perfect to start with. If you happen to visit Candor TechSpace that offers office space for rent in Gurgaon, you’d find a slotted indoor sports area with all the required indoor games that acts as a recharge station for the building inmates.

Sports Area Leads to Job Satisfaction

If an office space cares for its employees by having an indoor/outdoor sports area, employees feel valued and in return would like to stick to the company for longer. The job satisfaction increases manifolds due to the productivity boost, increased communication, reduced stress, and positive vibes amongst the staff. All that leads to greater job satisfaction and even higher job loyalty.

Innovation & Creativity Prevails

Having an attached indoor and outdoor sports area in the office premises ensures that a fun work atmosphere prevails where there is judicious mix of formal and informal activities. Such an environment is perfect for encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Outdoor games like cricket, lawn tennis, volleyball, and basketball are essential for a leading commercial space like Candor TechSpace where a bunch of MNCs are located.

Boosts Employee Morale

When a company adopts such recreational amenities for its employees and emote that they care for their staff’s mental health, employee’s morale is bound to go up. Hosting internal sports tournaments and conducting regular sports activities boosts employee morale by getting them involved and motivated.

Surges Employee Efficiency

When an employee’s mental health, stress reduction, and productivity is taken care of, they feel belonged to the company and this surges their efficiency like no other incentive.

Play Area Reduces Absenteeism

If the workplace has a fun and positive play area, who wouldn’t love to go to office every day. There is a direct and very strong relation between employee absenteeism rate and the quality of the workplace. More positive a workplace is, lesser is the employee absenteeism rate and happier the workforce is.

Sports Area Slashes Employee Turnover

Apart from the job title and the pay package, it’s actually the additional perks and business amenities that really does the trick for most employers. Several studies have shown that employees who are positive, stress-free, and feel belonged to the organization are more loyal to the business. This decreases the employee turnover rate and goes a long way in ensuring a happy and committee workforce.

A well-deigned sports area helps employee go back to their respective workstations feeling charged up and rejuvenated than before. Candor TechSpace, the leading office solutions provider in India offering commercial property in Noida sector 62 and office space for rent in Gurgaon, understands that and hence offers state-of-the-art and well-equipped sports area for its building inmates to relax and destress.

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