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Work from Home Challenges & How to Overcome Them

While there are no tiring commutes to work every day at Gurgaon IT Park or elsewhere or colleagues lurking around your desk to gossip; there are other challenges while working from home that everyone of us are facing. It’s never rainbows and unicorns for the remote workers; ask them who all are working from home.

Several studies have indicated that while working from the conventional office space inside any commercial property in Noida sector 62 or elsewhere is far more productive; remote working is also associated with many vulnerable signs affecting productivity. Lack of concentration, procrastination, long and more intense pace of work, and it also gets stressful in some cases.

Here are some common work from challenges that we all are facing while working remotely and some of the effective solutions to overcome them:

Working Too Much

One of the most common reasons why managers are always wary of approving work from home for their team is because they believe employees tend to underperform when they aren’t at sight at work. While, on the other side, the reality happens to be completely opposite. Employees actually end up doing a lot more work when at home and that too for longer and odd work hours.

Creating a hard line between home and work gets tougher because it’s difficult to ascertain when to start working and when to end. Here are some of the tips to set clear boundaries between work and home and to avoid an over burn.

How to Avoid Over Working?

One needs to create a fine line between home and work and must take deliberate breaks. It’s all about tricking your mind in believing that you’re working from an office space setting, just as inside any commercial space for sale in Kolkata, and set clear start and end times. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Just use your phone or laptop calendar and set an end of the day timing based on when you started. This will give you a felling of getting up and shutting down work to eventually move away from the home office space and get into your personal, everyday space. It might be an appointment to go to the nearest grocery store, taking out your pet for a walk or even hitting the gymnasium.
  • Similarly, also set up periodic reminders on your phone to take breaks in between at work. Get up and stretch a little, walk up to the kitchen to fetch some coffee, drinking water, soda, or may be grab some healthy munchie to refill your batteries. Setting an hourly reminder is a great way to ensure that all work is prioritised, done, and you’re not exhausted by the end of the day too.
  • Always be clear with your team on when to login and when to leave the work. This everyday habit will make sure the work in between teams is smoothly carried out during the day and nobody slogs off after shutting down unnecessarily.
  • If your space at home permits, make sure you create some physical boundaries between your personal and workspace. Locking the home office space after work is a great way to ensure that you’re not lurking around the office space pointlessly. Make sure you keep your office desktop or laptop out of the sight as soon as your work is done.
  • Turn off work notifications after the end of work shift so that you’re not pulled back to the work in between your personal time. Politely communicate this to your team to reach out to you only during specific timings.

These simple tips go a long way in making sure that you’re never overworked even while at home and make the most of your remote work duration.

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