3 Uplifting Hollywood Movies Perfect for Gloomy Times

You had a hard day at work and that much-deserved promotion you’ve been eyeing at whisked away under your eye and went on to a non-deserving, envious colleague of yours. Your personal life is hanging by a thread and nothing seems to be working your way; isn’t all that relatable?

If you’re a big movie buff and you often turn to movies for inspiration then go for HD DTH services in India and get unplugged entertainment. There are loads of Hollywood movies so inspirational with their storyline and the performances of their lead characters that they often end up giving you an all new perspective on life and inspire you like nothing else.

Let’s visit the list of 3 most positive and encouraging Hollywood movies on your Dish TV, one of the best HD DTH services in India, that are a great watch for the times when life bogs you down and you want to rise up and shine.

  1. The Devil Wears Prada

Now here’s a movie that will take you through even the most difficult of office stress and crazy bosses. Andrea, played by Anne Hathway, is a timid intern at Runway Magazine’s office whose fashion sense (or rather the lack of it) is a subject of mockery in the entire office. The Chief Editor, whom she reports to, is a shrewd and bossy lady Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Steep.

She doesn’t let Andrea take a breath of relief and keeps her constantly on her toes with something or the other. However, Andrea sails through all of that while breaking down for sometime in the mid but emerging stronger than ever. Her personal life, which took a backseat in the meanwhile, gets revived at the end and she chooses to embrace her values rather than falling deep into the pit of selfishness and animosity. Catch this inspiring movie whenever life is hard on you.

  1. Confessions of a Shopaholic

Rebecca, a compulsive and obsessive shopaholic who can’t resist the big sale banners outside stores whenever she walks past them. She, more than often, ends up buying stuff she doesn’t even need and gets neck deep into credit card debt resultantly. The company she was working for laid her off and she is jobless. Relatable?

Desperate, she applies for a writer’s job at a Financial Magazine and starts writing articles on advising people about how to save money ironically. There’s still a catch! She has lied about her language skills and her shopaholic habit to her boss which gets exposed on Live TV when the debt collector revealed her story on the show. She is again laid off and left with a pile of debt to pay. Instead of being bogged down, she emerges strong-willed and arranges an auction to repay the debt which she eventually, successfully did.

Sounded inspiring? You know you got to turn to your Dish TV, one of the best HD DTH services in India to watch it for real.

  1. Life of Pi

This is yet another inspiring Hollywood movie to catch up. It’ the story of Pi, a sole human survivor on a ship in deep ocean waters travelling to Canada. He has lost his family in a sea storm and is only left in the company of a tiger, a hyena, and an orangutan.

The struggles and adventures Pi went through are inspiring enough to take you through any challenge life throws at you. He fought against hunger, death, life, water, and wild to emerge a winner. Apart from being inspirational, the movie is a visual delight and looks spectacular on HD set top box.

There is no dearth of sources of inspiration if you look around, from your pet to a book to a Hollywood movie. I am sure the above list of inspirational Hollywood movies would defiantly lift up your spirits to let you take on life, heads on!

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