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Channel on Dish TV to Raise Quality of Living

A Food and Lifestyle channel is a sort of media channel that concentrates on food, cooking, nutrition, and lifestyle-related themes. These channels are available on a variety of platforms, including cable and satellite television, YouTube, social media, and online streaming services. Food and lifestyle channels often carry a wide range of programmes catering to a wide range of interests and demographics. Some programmes may concentrate on culinary demonstrations and recipes, while others may cover food trends and new goods. There might also be shows that explore the cultural and sociological elements of food, such as diverse cuisines and culinary traditions. Many Food and Lifestyle networks feature lifestyle issues such as health and wellness, exercise, beauty, and travel in addition to food-related programming. These programmes may provide guidance and recommendations on living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, as well as showcasing unique locations and experiences from across the world. Overall, Food and Lifestyle channels strive to present viewers with compelling and instructive material that improves their food enjoyment and enriches their everyday life.

There are number of Food and Lifestyle channels but Dish TV offers few of them. You can subscribe these channels and raise your way of living and get inspired from them.


Naaptol is an India-based 24-hour television shopping channel. Since the channel debuted it has grown in popularity among viewers looking to buy a range of things from the comfort of their own homes. Naaptol functions by displaying a diverse selection of items from several categories, including home and kitchen, fashion, technology, beauty and personal care, and others. The channel provides live product demos by presenters who highlight the qualities and benefits of the objects being offered. Viewers may then order the items by dialling a toll-free number or going to the Naaptol website. It is telecasted at channel no 308.

Zee Zest

Zed Zest provides a variety of programmes centred on food, travel, and lifestyle subjects. The channel features a combination of domestic and foreign content, including as cooking shows, travelogues, and lifestyle shows. The content on Zed Zest is intended to appeal to a wide spectrum of viewers, from foodies and home chefs to travellers and lifestyle lovers. “Food Veda,” which investigates the history and health advantages of Indian cuisine, and “Grilled,” which highlights renowned chefs making inventive and mouth-watering grilled meals, are two of Zed Zest’s most popular episodes. The channel also has programmes like “The Spice Route,” which takes viewers on a trip through the spices and flavours of various areas, and “Culture Curry,” which delves into the cultural traditions and customs of India. It is aired on Dish TV at channel no 903.


TLC’s programming is intended to appeal to a wide spectrum of viewers, with episodes covering a variety of themes such as cuisine, fashion, home design, travel, and relationships. The channel’s programming is recognised for emphasising human tales and real-life events, with many of its episodes featuring ordinary individuals in remarkable circumstances. “Say Yes to the Dress,” a reality show that follows brides as they search for the perfect wedding gown, and “90 Day Fiancé,” which documents the relationships of couples who have 90 days to decide whether to marry after one of them moves to the United States, are two of TLC’s most popular shows. There are additional shows on the channel that focus on house design and remodelling, such as “Trading Spaces.” It goes on 919 channel no on Dish TV.

Above were the channels which can get on Dish TV for the upliftment of your food choices and your lifestyle as well.

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