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Biggest Furniture Décor Trends to Look Out for in 2020

While it’s no brainer to guess that a right piece of furniture can actually transform the way a room looks, when it comes to buying luxury home décor online India; there are few good designers and brands to place trust in. it’s difficult finding that ideal furniture that is trendy in nature and yet aesthetically pleasing to the core.

When t comes to luxury furniture or luxury basin, here are some of the biggest furniture décor trend to watch out for in 2020:

Organic Materials

Going green and saving our mother nature is the way to be and the trend is sure going to rule the coming year. The luxury furniture brands like Craft Beton do get requests from the clients for furniture made of natural and organic materials that not just looks stylish but also contributes to the nature. This shift in people’s approach to go for luxury yet eco-friendly material like concrete furniture and accent pieces is sure a welcoming change.

Eco-friendly Furniture

People’s focus on eliminating waste materials and increased awareness about environmental protection is resulting in an upsurge in demand of eco-friendly furniture. The trend of having furniture made of eco-friendly material is going to top the charts next year too. Most leading furniture and luxury home décor designers like Craft Beton are aware of the environmental sensitivity and hence are getting creative with use of natural products like bamboo and concrete to make eye-catching pieces without disrupting the nature’s eco balance.

Rattan & Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Rattan and wicker, the humble countryside vintage furniture trend, is back in trend for 2020 and looks every bit stylish and totally in vogue. Use of wicker is totally going to trend the next year with extensive use in lightings, furniture, chairs, tables, or outdoor or garden furniture. Wicker and rattan are the best ever materials to come up with exciting fusion furniture and balance the mix of modern and old.

Statement Furnishings

The ruling furniture design trends from 80s and 90s are again back in resurgence and is sure to make the headlines in 2020. Upholstered furnishings, statement art pieces, large and dramatic hanging ceiling lightings, oversized accent lamps, and large organic mirrors are some of the trends set to rule the next year. Make sure you balance the accent and statement furniture with keeping the rest of the décor totally neutral.

Fusion Details

Many of the furniture lovers and design enthusiasts love to play around with the designs and mix modern and classic elements together to create something breath taking. The end result has traditional lines, intricate detailing of furniture with references from both traditional and modern furniture designs and complemented with statement decorative accessories. The classic grandma touch with a twist of modern elements is sure to buzz things up in 2020.

Hope these insights on furniture design trends for next year fuelled you up with enough inspiration to do up your home and make it a mecca of designs. Make that space your own with the furniture of your dreams from Craft Beton, stellar and unique concrete furniture design boutique to buy luxury home decor online India.


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