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5 Elegant Lamps from Craft Beton for Your Urban Home

Countryside has its rustic charm with its cottage garden, potager, ponds, and picturesque landscaping. Even if you don’t live in the countryside, you can add the countryside charm to your own urban apartment.

Inspired by the décor of the French cottages from the villages in the Provence? Check out these tips:

Living Room

The living room is the liveliest space of the entire home. This is where families come together for quality time. Sofas and sectionals serve as a comfortable gathering space for people. There are a few things to consider while choosing a sofa for your living room. Shop luxury furniture online in India from the Craft Beton website. Choose a colour that complements the wall and its surroundings. Neutral shade sectionals look great with bright and vibrant cushions. Keep some cushions in neutral shade matching the shade of the seating. A family size sofa or sectional is a good consideration. You can keep some couch chairs in the same colour. Vibrant Ottomans add a pop of colour when placed with a neutral shade sofa. A cozy fireplace is a must-have for those chilly winter months in the countryside.

You can choose a wooden study table chair and wooden bookshelves. Add a concrete bookend with your favourite books on the table. Shop for exquisite cement craft furnishings from Craft Beton. If you are choosing a table for the dining, go with wood, marble, or glass. The wooden dining table looks rustic. If you want to add an elegant touch to your kitchen area, you can choose a marble table. You can also custom make a table in geometric shapes. A granite island table at your kitchen serves as a great countertop.

Check out the cement craft lamps from Craft Beton:

Aranea- Filters darkness into light

Create a magical ambiance in your bedroom with shimmers of light. Get transported to a world inspired by artistic elegance with the Aranea concrete lamp.

You can check out shop luxury home furniture online on the Craft Beton website.

Birth- A ray of hope

Symbolizing the unique bonding between a mother and a child, this concrete lamp can bring a ray of light to your bedroom. This accent lighting in the shape of a mother’s womb being caressed by a loving hand.

Brutalist- Raw flares

This table lamp uses modular elements in repetition to showcase the flares of a fire burning in a hearth.

Calla- Bouquet of good luck

Calla lilies are often a flower of choice for the bridal bouquet. This handcrafted accent lighting lamp features a beautiful array of flowers perched on hard metal in this industrial floor lamp, thereby creating a surreal form in cement.

Cosmos- Brighten up your Universe

This splendid lamp celebrates the intricate design of the Universe designed by our Creator. Add this beautiful concrete lamp to your bedroom nightstand.

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