Are Kannada Web Series Trending the Same as Hindi Ones?

The Unstoppable World of Web Series

Web series are the latest a raging trend in entertainment industry and are flourishing way faster than anyone could think. Web series basically means a story told in episodic form that are streamed online and made available on the particular online streaming platform all at once for the audience to see. Each episode usually ranges from about 15 minutes to somewhere close to 1 hour and each series has about 5 episodes and go up to as many as 15-20. The trend is same with both Hindi web series and regional content as Kannada web series.

The recent and last success of many web series in India has led to many filmmakers explore this digital medium and tell their stories across a new medium wherein instant responses and reactions are guaranteed. The success and failure of the Hindi or Kannada web series can be instantly recorded and felt within days of making the content available online.

The trend of Indian web series has caught up the country, specially with the youth, who are now more inclined to this specific format over movies and Hindi TV serials. The trend has definitely succeeded enormously as far as Hindi web series is concerned but it’s actually the Southern content that is yet to taste this huge success, also because Kannada web series have some really good subjects and innovative ideas to share with the audience.

Kannada Web Series Market

The market for Kannada web series is rising and more so because a lot of production houses are coming up and taking interest in investing money in medium-budget regional web series to make sure the content reaches far and wide. Just like the Hindi speaking youth of our country, the audiences down South are also bored of the stale TV shows and same old entertainment shows airing on TV. While the web series fever gripped the entire India, how come Southern states be left behind!

For those set of audiences seeking new, interesting, and unique content; Kannada web series are an engaging source of entertainment that hasn’t been explored before. This content comes with its own liberations, freedom of time, freedom of watching it over any device (be it laptop, smartphone, tablet, or PC), and the freedom of watching newer concepts never seen, told, or heard before.

Popular Kannada Web Series

It’s not that there are not popular Kannada web series or more made in Southern languages but the matter of the fact is that this genre is getting their fair share of views and loyal audience market. virgin@27, a popular Kannada web series on Watcho App proved to be a big hit with the youth for its unique and never-seen-before storyline. The best part about such web series is the absence of censorship guidelines that has made sure that the subjects never told before are now getting a voice.

Virgin@27 is about a guy who is jinxed for being a virgin and is often ridiculed by friends and family for being so. While all his attempts at losing his tag fall flat on the surface, he is advised by some baba to lose it till he turns 27 or else he will die a virgin. Petrified and panicked, he gets married and now wishes to lose his tag with his wife. Now the concept is a bit bold and yet interesting for the youth, Kannada movies or for the matter of fact any South Indian movie can’t really experiment with a bold subject like this for the fear of getting an “A” rating by censor board.

It’s only the virtue of Kannada web series or in other languages that subjects hiding in the closet due to the fear of being tagged are now being told and are reaching far and wide. Web series makers are putting their hard efforts at devising strong marketing policies to make this format a more interesting one like shooting a much stronger pilot episode and even going with free subscription of online streaming apps having Kannada web series.

Kannada web series are the new way to go for the makers as there is lesser money at risk, creative subjects are being told, and audience is more receptive now than ever. The only thing left now is for our big movie stars to act in the web series too to make sure the star power gets Kannada web series more audience and views.

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