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4 Thriller Hindi Serials That Will Leave You Stunned

Hindi TV shows have always revolved around romance and melodrama, haven’t they? But there’s more to Hindi TV serials than just romance, drama and comedy. In all fairness, a large number of producers have been experimenting with genres without any kind of hesitation. OTT platforms deserve a lot of credit for allowing content creators with an opportunity to deep dive into the territories of infidelity and adultery, both of which are considered highly sensitive.

Similarly, a lot of thriller Hindi TV shows are also been created in order to add an element of fun and excitement into the lives of the viewers. All of us love watching suspense thrillers because of the countless twists and turns in store. Here are a few shows that need to be there on your watch list if you happen to be a fan of the action-thriller genre.

Code M (Zee5)

Countless secrets surrounding the army will be unearthed in this edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller. Monica Mehra, a lawyer working with the Indian Army, seeks to unearth the conspiracy behind an encounter case involving a number of high-ranked officers within the army. Some shocking facts come to light as our leading lady embarks on a mission to solve what appears to be an open-and-shut case. Code M deserves a watch because of its leading lady.

Jennifer Winget delivers a power-packed performance and holds the plot together. She is the fulcrum around which the show rotates. Above all, the show has its heart in the right place and doesn’t appear predictable. Simply put, Code M makes for an interesting one-time watch.

Rangbaaz (Zee5)

Rangbaaz is an action-thriller web series that takes us closer to the Badlands of Gorakhpur and deals with the life of a notorious gangster named Shree Prakash Shukla. It showcases how a timid student turned into one of Uttar Pradesh’s most dreaded criminals. The show also brings to light Shukla’s ties with some of Uttar Pradesh’s most powerful and influential politicians, including the likes of Hari Shankar Tiwari. Watch this show for Saqib Saleem’s powerful performance and some high-voltage action sequences. The second season of the show is also available on Zee5.

Ardhsatya (on Watcho)

Ardhsatya explores the various complexities engulfing a relationship. Two sisters, separated at birth, get to meet each other after a gap of 17 years and their meeting is followed by a series of paranormal activities. After they meet each other, they also come to terms with their supernatural abilities. Ardhsatya, with all its thrills and spills, makes for a great weekend watch as the episodes are short and crisp, which means you will not need a lot of time to finish the show in one go. You can try it out if you love watching Hindi Serials that deal with the supernatural.

 Hostages (on Hotstar)

How far will you go in order to save the ones you love? Hostages, a web series starring Tisca Chopra and Ronit Roy, raises this pertinent question. A doctor/surgeon’s life turns upside down after she is asked to murder a patient. Various conspiracy theories come to light as Mira, the surgeon, embarks on a journey to save her family. Hostages is the official adaptation of an Israeli TV series of the same name.

If you wish to watch some high-octane action thrillers, then do give all of these web shows a try. You can also log into the Watcho app if you wish to treat yourself to some hard-hitting content. Get the Watcho app right away and start watching all of your favourite web shows and live TV channels.

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