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Comedy TV Shows & Movies to Enjoy During Holiday Season

This is the time to get together with your family, get some popcorns, and watch a good show. The holiday season calls for some fun, cheer, and laughter. Even if you had a hard year, it is a good idea to end the year with a bit of laughter. TV channels like Hallmark, Star World, and Star Movies often broadcast comedy movies.

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web series showcasing a combination of Dil, Dosti, and Masti. Six crazy best friends meet up to relive their hilarious life episodes while giving birth to new ones. There’s a hidden agenda to get huge amounts of money from one of the friends. You can also watch TV channels on the Watcho app. Watch comedy TV shows on the live TV channels on Watcho.  If you want to do a quick recharge for your Dish TV connection, you can now do that through this app.

Full House

This is a classic comedy show from the early 90s, suitable for family entertainment. It features a family with kids and their uncles. It’s a fun show that is known for its witty dialogues and catchphrases. The best part of this series is witnessing the actors growing and maturing in life.

Small Wonder

This hilarious sitcom is great family entertainment. The plot of this TV series revolves around a robot being kept as a secret by its developer. Vicky the robot tries to adjust to life with humans. This is a great show to watch with small kids. This show is often broadcasted in star networks.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This hilarious movie trilogy showcases the adventures in the life of a little boy. A family of five goes through various things while bringing up a toddler and a dog. This movie is children friendly and best enjoyed with your little ones. This movie is based on a novel that became a huge bestseller.

Mrs. Doubtfire

This is a must-watch comedy movie with your loved ones. The movie shows the challenges of the lead role going through a tough divorce and losing his job simultaneously. As he struggles his way to make it work, a twist in the story changes everything. He ends up being hired as Mrs. Doubtfire, the housekeeper to be reunited with his three kids.

Home Alone

Home Alone movie is a good entertainer for both kids and adults. It is a funny, clever, and entertaining ideal for the holiday season. It is a story of a little boy who’s left alone while his entire family leaves for a vacation. It’s about the solitary time of the kid into a triumphant heroic tale when he ends up saving his home. In another sequel of this movie, the boy gets to a different country by boarding the wrong plane. Check out all the three sequels of Home Alone.

Enjoy watching these shows and movies with your loved ones this holiday season.

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