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Top Vegetarian Cooking Shows to Stream on the Watcho App

Vegetarian Cooking shows have become immensely popular in recent times. All those who wish to explore the art of cooking some mouth-watering delicacies can try out the various shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. In all fairness, the cooking shows available for streaming on the Watcho app are fruitful for all those who wish to look their own meals and snacks. There is ample video content on the app for all those who wish to learn the art of cooking their own food.

Fortunately, the Watcho app contains a considerable number of vegetarian cooking shows for the viewers to check out. There is always something of interest for the vegetarians to check out on this app. Here are some of the best vegetarian cooking shows you can try out on the app

Secrets of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking

‘Secrets of Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cooking’ is a great show that deals with cooking numerous vegetarian delights using age-old Sri Lankan recipes. Try the authentic jackfruit curry to Damul Kiribath (Milk Rice). There are six (6) episodes of this show available for streaming on the app. Watch it right now if you want to learn something fresh and new. Also, do try out the wood apple crumble because it is one of the most popular recipes on the show. Download the Watcho app now.

Vegetarian Cooking for Heart Diseases

‘Vegetarian Cooking for Heart Diseases’ is yet another popular vegetarian cooking show available for streaming on the Watcho app. This show contains just 5 episodes. This means the viewers will be able to watch it with ease in just a single sitting. Also, oats with fruit shake happens to be one of the top recipes that the viewers can try out after watching the show. Plus, do watch the episode wherein they teach to cook vegetable idly. Check out this Watcho original right now if you wish to take good care of your heart.

Vegetarian Cooking for Diabetes

’Vegetarian Cooking for Diabetes’ is a must-watch show for those who wish to keep their diabetes (sugar levels) in check. It is one of the most popular health-oriented cooking shows on the Watcho app. Try out the mixed-vegetable methi parantha in breakfast if you want to try out something healthy and nutritious. Also, this show contains just five (5) episodes. This means you can always watch it in one go if you want to try your hand at some exciting and healthy cooking recipes. Moreover, those suffering from diabetes will no longer have to eat ‘boring’ foods. Check out this show on Watcho in order to try your hand at something tasty and healthy. 

Vegetarian Cooking for Weight Loss

Weight gain and obesity have become quite common in today’s day and age. However, ‘Vegetarian Cooking for Weight Gain’ is one of the top shows that the viewers (and foodies) can try out if they wish to lose weight (in order to get in shape). Much like all other food and lifestyle shows on the Watcho app, this show is also comprised of just five (5) episodes. Begin with the multi-grain roti if you are serious about weight loss. There are various other healthy and unique recipes for the viewers to check out as part of the show. So, download the app right now. 

The Watcho app has a lot of stuff for the viewers to check out. Apart from all the cooking shows, the app also contains original web series, short films, live TV channels, etc. Watch the best shows of 2021 on your smartphone with this OTT app.

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