Travel-to-Work Tips in Times of the Coronavirus Outbreak

The novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm.  A large number of white-collared workplaces are asking their employees to work from home in wake of the Coronavirus calamity. Italy, a tiny country in Europe’s South-central region, has been hit hard by the outbreak as more than 6000 people have been put under quarantine. For instance, a large number of IT Office Spaces For Rent In Noida and Gurgaon have asked all of their employees to work from home

Workplaces are being closed down in order to contain the spread, but all of these measures haven’t been able to curtail the spread of the disease/virus.  But many people can be seen making their way to work despite the outbreak. Therefore, it is imperative to take a few precautions while travelling in order to keep the deadly virus at bay.

Here are a few travel tips that will help you stay safe while travelling in a crowded public transport:

Cover your Mouth with a Surgical Mask:

Drop all your plans to travel by public transport till the time this virus doesn’t get subsided. Travel using personal vehicles, but if you don’t have a choice and are required to travel by public transport, then cover your mouth and nose using a surgical mask. In case you see someone coughing and sneezing, then do not approach him/her. Many people who travel to the commercial office spaces in Kolkata need to keep this pointer in mind before they travel to work.

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Our teachers used to reiterate this point over and over again. Those who travel in public transport need to keep this in mind because we tend to come in contact with countless harmful bacteria while using public transport. Every single thing, right from the doors of the metro rapid transit to the doors of the elevator can have traces of the Coronavirus. Therefore, you need to wash your hands thoroughly before you start stuffing your mouth with food after getting home.

Sneeze and Cough in a Tissue

You will be frowned at if you sneeze or cough while travelling in the metro. Well, that’s because the novel Coronavirus has scared the hell out of us. As individuals, all of us need to take some handy precautions in order to keep the virus at bay. One such precaution can be the use of a handkerchief/napkin while sneezing and/or coughing and throw the napkin as soon as you are done. People travelling to commercial office spaces in Kolkata in a crowded metro or bus need to keep this thing in mind.

Use a Sanitizer with at least 60% Alcohol Content:

While in office, keep washing your hands before you plan to eat anything. Also, rinse your hands using a santiser after you get to work. Keep your surroundings clean and do not panic. If you feel something is wrong with your body, do not think twice before getting a medical check-up done. Furthermore, the sanitiser you are using should contain at least 60% alcohol.

Last but certai8nly not the least, make sure that the office area remains neat and clean because if you keep yourself and your surroundings clean, then you will eliminate the chances of getting infected. Candor TechSpace brings you state-of-the -art workplaces and other commercial properties that are equipped with all of the modern amenities. These office spaces have been built using the latest construction techniques. Make it a point to give them a try if you are looking for a brand-new commercial property in order to get started with your business venture.

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