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10 Hindi Web Series to Binge-Watch During Work Commute

No matter how tedious work is, you can always make it interesting. If you are not a fan of work commute, you are not alone! You can do a lot of things to make your work commute more interesting and fun. Consider listening to your favourite playlist or binge-watch a few episodes of your favourite web series.

To enjoy watching the best Hindi web series, download the Watcho app. Browse web series across genres like thriller, horror, drama, and romance. Catch on your favourite Hindi web series on the Watcho app while traveling by metro, bus, or cab. If you want to do a Dish TV recharge, you can do it through the in-app recharge feature on Watcho. Here are the best web series perfect for binge-watching during your work commute:

Love Crisis – romance web series

This romantic web series showcases the relationship between Nina and Armaan as they go through challenges that many couples face. When Nimisha, a club entertainer enters Armaan’s life, things become challenging between the couple. Nina gets disappointed in Armaan for breaking her trust and she gets provoked to take revenge. Along with watching the best web series, you can do an instant Dish TV recharge via the Watcho app.

Yeh Yaariyan – comedy web series

To escape the reality of life, three married friends find ways to keep things exciting and thrilling. Watch the perfect instance of friendship and fun by watching this web series on the Watcho app.

Sarhad – thriller web series

Watch the story of Junaid, a militant who investigates a terrorist. The army personnel interrogates the terrorist involved at many national and international levels.

Jaalsaazi – Hindi web series

This web series is directed by filmmaker Mani Sinha and unravels the reality of Rhino poaching in India. Police work hand-in-hand with the local Government to find the illegal poachers.

Titli – thriller web series

When a small-town girl with big dreams goes to a city, she realizes that she has to overcome many hurdles to realize her dreams. Watch how challenging it is to accomplish a dream or goal in the competitive generation.

Befaltu – adult comedy web series

When a group of strangers gets locked in a bungalow accidentally, they are in for a surprise! When they introduce each other, they find out that everyone has some kind of STD, which sparks witty conversations.

Masala Family – comedy web series

Watch a family who embarks on a fake vacation by going out and coming back again to their home. While trying to get back home, they find some burglars trying to break into their house.

Jail Plan – thriller web series

When two women plan to break out of a modern correctional jail, they are faced with many challenges. Watch life inside this women’s correctional jail, where the focus is on a behavioral correction. Watch this story from captivity to freedom as these two women orchestrate their escape.

Mystery Dad – thriller web series

When a modern woman attends a party, she gets inebriated and loses the memory of that night. Later, she finds herself to be pregnant and cannot remember the name of the father of the child. She goes on a journey to find the identity of the mystery dad accompanied by her sister.

Virgin At 27 – adult comedy web series

When a virgin man gets married, it sparks interesting conversations on his wedding night. Enjoy the humorous conversations between the couple, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Watch the best web series in Hindi and Kannada by downloading OTT platforms on your smartphone. Now that you have the best Hindi web series, add these shows to your watchlist and start watching today!

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