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6 Indian Web Series that Every Millennial Should Watch This August

Spending time indoors in the lockdown calls for having some watchlist ready with great movies and web series. If you have exhausted your list, add new shows to the list.

Download the Watcho app today on your smartphone. They offer the best web series across various genres like thriller, horror, drama, romance, and comedy. Check out the top-rated Indian web series to watch this May:

Jail Plan

India’s 1st women prison break story to be released tentatively on the 25th December 2020 exclusively on the Watcho app. An escape challenge story in a unique women correctional jail in India, unlike the dark and dingy jails. This jail has all the modern infrastructure and treats its inmates like good humans in order to reform them. However, life is still confined in this prison. Enjoy watching a story full of twists, turns, and surprises.

Love Crisis

This interesting romantic web series unveils the weakening relationship of Nina and Armaan get into doldrums when a club entertainer, Nimisha comes into the life of Armaan again. This precipitates Nina to get in a mode of vengeance to avenge Armaan for breaking her trust. Find out what awaits in the life of Armaan and Nimisha. This series reveals the ugly truth of the consequences of adultery. You can watch this online on the Watcho app. They offer a great collection of web series, Hindi movies, and short films. You can also watch shows in regional languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, etc.


This web series is an Indian adaptation of an Israeli series by the same title. You can watch this show in seven different languages. The series stars actors like Ronit Roy, Tisca Chopra, Ashim Gulati, Parvin Dabas, and Mohan Kapoor. The story starts with Dr. Mira Anand, a well-renowned surgeon who is scheduled to perform Chief Minister’s surgery. On the night before this operation, her family is taken, hostage. The kidnappers demand the surgeon to murder the minister to save her family. Watch this thrilling web series to find out more!

Special Ops

This thrilling web series on Hotstar showcases the story of a RAW agent who convicts a single terrorist to have perpetrated a series of terror attacks. This agent goes through official scrutiny due to excessive use of government funds. Watch the protagonist train a special task force to capture the terrorist responsible for domestic and international terror attacks. This thrilling series is spread over eight episodes that will keep your attention captivated.

Malgudi Days

Bring back the nostalgia of the 80s with the Malgudi days. This entertaining web series is based on short stories written by prominent Indian author R. K. Narayan. Livestream the 54 episodes on your TV or smart devices to enjoy with your kids and family.


Looking for some light entertainment to indulge in some laughter and fun? PariWar is a comedy web series that showcases a group of family members who gather in their hometown in hopes of inheriting a lucrative piece of property. Watch how the family patriarch plans to unite them by resolving the petty disputes over inheritence.

It is time to add these web series to your lockdown watchlist and start watching on your smart device.

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