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Top Web Shows Online for Youngsters on Watcho

Youngsters and college goers will have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to on the Watcho app. There is always something unique and intriguing for the viewers to watch on the Watcho app. This app is a must-have for all those who enjoy Indian and international web series. In all fairness, Watcho is one of the best OTT platforms in India for watching both Indian and international shows. You can also search for Watcho One Subscriptions at affordable prices.

The youngsters will have a lot of intriguing content to look forward to on the Watcho app. If you are a fan of new and interesting web series (across several genres), then this app is the right pick for you. There is always a new show for the youngsters to watch on their smartphone. Watcho is also one of the most popular online web series sites. 

Here are some of the best youngster-oriented web series on Watcho:

It’s My Pleasure

It’s My Pleasure’ is one of the best Indian adult-comedy web series for you if you wish to stream something related to sexuality. It goes without saying that the Indians are very conservative when it comes to talking of sex and sexuality. This 9-part series is all you need to keep the comedy levels high and handsome. There is a never a boring moment that you will come across while watching this show. Watcho is truly one of the best online web series sites in the country.


Befaltu’ is going to be loved by all kinds of web series lovers and enthusiasts. All those who have a liking for new and intriguing web shows within the comedy genre would enjoy streaming this series on their smartphones. If you are a fan of shows dealing with STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), then this series is tailormade for you. A bunch of people finds itself trapped inside a bungalow. All of them happen to be suffering from an STD of one sort or the other. Will they be able to accept their disease and move ahead in life? You will have to watch the show in order to find the answer for yourself.

Masala Family

This web series on the Watcho app has more than 10 episodes. This means you will have a lot of content at your disposal to keep yourself on the edge of your seat right from the word go. A family locks itself up inside its own house in order to fake a vacation. Yes. That is right. They want to get on with some freaky stuff after faking a vacation. To complicate the matter, a thief breaks into the house (thinking it is not occupied). Also, there are 2 harmless ghosts living in the house as well. Download Watcho, one of the best OTT platforms in India.

The Jail Plan

The Jail plan is one of the best action-thriller web series that contains an all-female star cast. This show stars Saadhika Syal in a pivotal role. The show is about a bunch of inmates at an all-women prison facility. They come together in order to break out of prison. All in all, the show will keep you busy throughout the course of the weekend. Do watch the other shows within the genre available on the Watcho app as well.

Watcho is one of the most popular online web series sites that you will get to use in India. The best live TV channels are also available for streaming on Watcho. Also, you can make payments for your Dish TV DTH connection.

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