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Why Not to Use Organic Coconut Sugar Daily?

A lot of stuff has already been said (and written) about the perils of using coconut sugar (be it organic or any other form of coconut sugar). Most of those who have used coconut sugar in the past would be well aware of the fact that organic coconut sugar is extremely unhealthy (and harmful) for the human body if used in the long run.

For one thing, organic coconut sugar contains a great deal of fructose. High levels of fructose can lead to chronic heart ailments, diabetes, obesity, etc. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use organic coconut sugar over prolonged periods of time.  Replace organic coconut sugar with a bag of Lakanto’s monk fruit sweetener if you wish to embrace a bunch of healthy and productive lifestyle changes in the near future.

Here’s why organic coconut sugar isn’t good for your health:

Coconut Sugar is High in Calories

Coconut sugar is high in calories (just like a regular bag of table sugar). The amount of nutrients contained in coconut sugar is high (slightly) when you compare it with a bag of regular sugar. However, you will end up eating a considerable amount of calories. A tablespoon of organic coconut sugar contains 18-20 calories. So, you will end up eating a considerable amount of calories (and gaining weight) even if you replace a bag of regular sugar with organic coconut sugar.

It Contains Fructose in Considerable Quantities

Yes. Organic sugar does contain a great amount of fructose. Fructose, just like regular sugar, can contribute to a rise in blood sugar levels (and the body’s calorie content). Consuming an unusually high amount of calories is linked to diabetes (Type 2). You might also get heart ailments in the long run if you keep using this variety of sugar in the long run. Replace a bag of organic coconut sugar with Lakanto’s healthy calorie-free sweetener if you wish to take your health and wellness a bit more seriously than usual.

It is Harmful For Your Teeth

Organic sugar (or sugar of any kind) is bad for the health of your teeth as well. The thing is: sugar particles in your mouth will give rise to vast scores of harmful bacteria. These bacteria are powerful enough to give rise to germ attacks. All those who have been suffering from dental disorders for a considerable amount of time would know that the maintenance of adequate oral hygiene is also a must if you have an incredible sweet tooth. Replace a regular bag of sugar with Lakanto’s monk fruit sweetener. However, do remember to brush your teeth regularly if you are planning to consume this healthy sugar substitute.

Replace it With Lakanto’s Monk Fruit Sweetener

Organic sugar is extremely unhealthy if you plan on using it in the long run. If you want to bring down your calorie intake, then you would need to embrace this healthy sugar substitute. It is low on calories and is extremely rich in anti-oxidants. If you are a baking enthusiast, then you can check out the Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener from the House of Lakanto. It is known for its maply taste and rich texture.

Lakanto’s Monk Fruit Sweetener is the best bet for you if you are looking to embrace a positive and healthy lifestyle. Lakanto’s products are healthier than organic sugar because these are made using natural ingredients and contain no calories. If you are looking to bring down your overall calorie intake, then Lakanto’s monk fruit sweetener is the ideal pick for you.

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